Friday, July 29, 2011

I’m Shattered!

Wow, what a crazy and exhausting day! It was one of those days that wasn't exhausting while it was happening, but now that I've (finally!) gotten a chance to sit down, I'm shattered!! It's Simon's birthday today and of course Kason and Cohen decided it was a good idea to be wide awake by 6am. We all got up, and we gave Si his presents – he LOVED the photo frame I made up for him J Before we knew it, it was time to head out the door for Neonates Playgroup! The boys had a great time, as per usual, and Simon enjoyed being there and seeing what the boys get up to. He doesn't often get a chance to see the boys interact with other kids their age and in an environment where they don't spend a lot of time.

From there we headed into the city – a few weeks ago we got a deal online for a family photo shoot - $445 worth of photo shoot, DVD and prints for only $19! Today we had our photos taken J Both Cohen and Kason were champs, they did SO well with it. We were really impressed with the woman we were dealing with, she was absolutely lovely, fantastic with the boys and went out of her way to help us out...and she is a triplet! SO can't wait to see the pictures next Friday (which also happens to be the day one of my besties arrives for the weekend!)!

We dropped Simon off at work, and got home just in time to give the boys their dinner, their bath and their cups of milk. They both crashed out in bed without a peep. I feel like doing the same...if only I didn't have so much to get done!


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