Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Weekend

On Saturday morning, we planned to take Cohen and Kason on a big walk. Before we left, I was hanging out the washing while Simon was supervising the boys playing outside (read: trying to keep them out of the rainwater that had pooled on the sandpit cover!). Kason all of a sudden made a break for the sandpit and Simon spun around and took off to grab Kase before he got completely drenched. In the process, Simon sprained his calf muscle. He could barely walk, so our plans were quickly out the window! Considering Simon is a dance teacher, there was no way in hell that we could risk doing more damage to it, so Kase and I quickly went across the road to the pharmacy to get some deep heat for him.
We really didn't want to be stuck inside for the day, so we took the car down to the DIY carwash place and I washed the car while Si kept a hold of the boys. That was our big outing of the day!!

Sunday was c.r.a.z.y! Luckily we were smart and made up our pancake mixture on Saturday night, otherwise we probably would have missed out on our tradition! We had a friend of mine take some pictures for us at an awesome spot (I'm absolutely going to go back there and take some myself!), and by the time we got back from there, it was time for the boys' lunch before we headed out to G's 2nd birthday party. We had an awesome time, Kase & Cohen always get on so well with G, and we also got to catch up with some other neonates twins families – one set shared a room with our boys for a week or so. It's always awesome to see how well their boys are doing after being born at 25 weeks. We met G in the neonates unit too, Cohen and Kason shared a room with him for 2 weeks, I think. It really is amazing how these kids are growing up and you would never know the rough start they all had.By the time we got home from there, it was time for their bath and bed! I was absolutely shattered, so I was in bed by 9pm which is completely unheard of for me!! Usually an early night for me would be about 11pm!

Today we just hung out at home, and we had an awesome day! We pulled out some toys that the boys haven't played with in a while, and they had fun trashing the house! We also baked some apple and cinnamon scrolls which are totally a new fav for both boys – they kept asking for "more, please!" Managed to Skype Nana & Grumps after the boys' nap and it was great. Kason and Cohen both actually stayed around the computer, talked to Nana & Grumps, showed them their new 'tricks', blew lots of kisses, and generally were just being awesome (as per most of the time!).

So looking forward to the rest of this week, all of our usual activities are back to normal, so we have playgroup tomorrow, then Cohen & Kason have Occasional Care on Wednesday, library on Thursday and then Neonates playgroup on Friday! So the week should go quickly, then just one more week until Nana arrives!!!!!!!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Exploring by the River

Day 117 by Road2Chaos2
Day 117, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

We took the boys for a walk along the river - complete with containers to collect bugs...although all they wanted to put in them were stones, but that's all good - they had an awesome time despite the cold weather :-)


Day 116

Day 116 by Road2Chaos2
Day 116, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Little Cohey playing his sax!


Big Boys!

Day 115 by Road2Chaos2
Day 115, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Skyping Nana & Grumps, and they desperately wanted to sit up on the stools


Day 114

Day 114 by Road2Chaos2
Day 114, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Kason all dressed up and nowhere to go...our plans were cancelled because of the weather! He's not worried about that - he wants the camera!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Getting to bed at 5am used to be the sign of an amazing Not so much.

Last night, I went to tuck Kason and Cohen in just before I went to bed at about midnight, as usual. But. But Kason woke up and started screaming, woke Cohen up then they both decided that there was no way in hell that they were going to go back to sleep. We tried everything. Simon ended up taking them both for a drive at 2am, and they went to sleep in the car after an hour. He came home, put them in their cots and the screaming started again. For another hour and a half we kept trying to get them to sleep (the boys' room is really close to the next door neighbours, and leaving them to cry absolutely tears my heart out - I just can't do it!), and I ended up taking them for another drive. They fell asleep pretty quickly, but I kept driving just to make sure. Got them home and into their cots, and again they woke up. Thankfully, though, they didn't cry. They chatted to each other for a few minutes and quickly dropped off again...just after 5am.

So, so glad that they both then slept in until 10am! Although, it did change our plans to be at the grocery store by 9:30am so we could get the shopping done before Simon had to go to work, but that was nothing we couldn't work around. The 10am 'sleep-in' though, did mean that both boys flat-out refused to nap at all today...despite the hour-long walk in the stroller!

Needless to say, we didn't have the best day, but hey. Tomorrow is a new day, and a public holiday at that, so Simon will be home too J And, both Cohen and Kason went to sleep super quickly tonight, barely a peep from either of them! And Simon ended up taking the car to work today, so he should be home much earlier than usual J


Saturday, April 21, 2012


Day 113 by Road2Chaos2
Day 113, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Kason having fun in his bubble bath tonight :-)


Day 112

Day 112 by Road2Chaos2
Day 112, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Kason is pretending to sleep...on the shelf, in the cupboard!



Day 111 by Road2Chaos2
Day 111, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Cohen is just a *little* bit excited! Not sure what about though...!


Day 110

Day 110 by Road2Chaos2
Day 110, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Give me the camera, Mummy!!!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trains and Wiggles

We had such an awesome weekend last weekend! There was a free family fun day in our area on Saturday, so after heading down to the Willunga Markets first thing, we went and checked it out. Several of our friends were there with their kids too, and we had so much fun! It was held at the park where they have miniature trains running twice a month. We've taken the boys on them a few times before, but this time they were so much more interested in them! They are getting a bit more interested in trains now (something I don't particularly want to encourage too much...I have my reasons!), and they just kept wanting to go again and again and again! Kason particularly liked going over the little bridge J

Sunday we checked out a kids' market, and bought a new change mat cover - with The Wiggles on it. I only bought it because it was the second stall we walked past, and Kason reached up (they were walking, and not in their stroller) and grabbed a Wiggles bassinette sheet set. He would not let it go!!! When I finally managed to prise it out of his little hands, he started crying. I am so glad I got the change mat cover though. The boys have both been a mission to change lately, but now they love lying down on their Wiggles mat. Cohen pulls it out and lies down on it all the time! Makes my life a little easier not having to fight them to change their nappies!! Mind you, they still don't like me putting a fresh nappy on.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Favourite Books

Day 109 by Road2Chaos2
Day 109, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Kason especially LOVES Hairy Maclary! His current favourite book is "Slinky Malinki Open the Door", and running a close second, "Hairy Maclary and Zachary Quack". He is often sitting up on the couch 'reading' his book - I LOVE it!


Day 108

Day 108 by Road2Chaos2
Day 108, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Just had a quiet day hanging out at home. SO glad it has been such beautiful weather, so we were outside for hours this morning :-)



Day 107 by Road2Chaos2
Day 107, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

We took Kase & Cohen down to the beach for fish & chips for dinner tonight, and I snapped this sunset just as we were leaving.


New PJs

Day 106 by Road2Chaos2
Day 106, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

So after several nights in a row of both Cohen and Kason insisting on taking their Wiggles shoes to bed (to cuddle them!), I thought it was about time to get them some Wiggles PJs...and they LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They were SO super excited :-D



Day 105 by Road2Chaos2
Day 105, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Cohen was a little upset, so thought he'd find a quite space to chill out...I'm thinking he's going to be AWESOME at hide & seek when he's a bit bigger!


Brotherly Love

Day 104 by Road2Chaos2
Day 104, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

This just might be my all-time favourite photo!!


Day 103

Day 103 by Road2Chaos2
Day 103, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Cohen & Kason LOVE drinking out of their cups with their straws!



Day 102 by Road2Chaos2
Day 102, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

The Easter Bunny brought trucks this year!


Thursday, April 12, 2012


Pretty much every night, after the boys have had their bath and are nice and snugly in their PJs, they are super happy. It's everyone's favourite time of the day, especially when they discover a new game to play. During the day, they sometimes play a game or two together, and the rest of the time they are playing near each other or fighting. After their bath, though, they love to play together. Tonight they had a new game. They would run to opposite ends of the front hallway, turn around to face each other, spread their arms wide open and run as fast as their little legs would carry them towards each other for a big cuddle!!! They kept doing it over and over again, I just loved watching them.

They are not overly affectionate with each other usually, although they will occasionally give each other a hug or a quick kiss if we ask them too, and very rarely of their own accord. I don't what it was about today, but earlier in the afternoon, Kason got very upset about something (minor, I can't even remember what it was!), and Cohen kept trying to give him hugs to make him feel better.

While they may not hug and kiss each other very often, it is so obvious that they love each other so much. And I love that. I love the bond that they have; it's amazing to watch them together. I really am so lucky!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quiet Easter

We had a pretty quiet long Easter weekend, mostly just hung out at home together – it was certainly nice to have Simon home for four days in a row!!! We did zip out to Spotlight on Saturday, though. They had 70% of floor rugs, and we desperately needed a new one because our old one was so stained, courtesy of two little monkeys! We managed to find one, and it looks so much better! Neither of the boys were impressed at being stuck in the stroller, and Kason got so upset we had to take them out while we were still looking. They loved it! They both kept hiding amongst the rugs that were hanging up, then jumping out and roaring. It was pretty funny, until a lady come over and looked through the rugs...Kason jumped out roaring like a little lion and the woman got such a fright!!! Luckily she found it was freaken hilarious!! I couldn't stop laughing!!

Monday we decided we needed to get out of the house – the weather was pretty much crap for the previous three days, so we had been stuck inside. We took a little drive to a wildlife park about 40 minutes from here. We hadn't been there before, but we will definitely be going back – Cohen and Kason absolutely loved it!! Especially the super friendly kangaroos, which were just bouncing around everywhere. As soon as Kason and Cohen saw the roos, they just started giggling and jumping like the roos were! It was actually the first time that Kason actually managed to jump off the ground by himself! They were so great with the animals too, patting them gently and not chasing them (well, they did chase the chickens, but only a little bit!).
When we were visiting the koalas and patting them, the koalas were eating. Cohen kept saying, "uh oh, uh oh" cause the koala would bite the leaves off the trees – he thought he was being a naughty koala!! I really can't wait to go back with my Mum when she is here in a few weeks

Anyways, I better get going – lots of sewing to get done so I can get the rag quilt done by the end of this week!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Kangaroo Cuddles

Day 101 by Road2Chaos2
Day 101, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

With an actual kangaroo!!


My Next Project

Day 100 by Road2Chaos2
Day 100, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

This will be a rag quilt, hopefully by the end of the week. And don't worry, I noticed the mistake right after I took this picture :-)


It's like looking in a mirror!

Day 99 by Road2Chaos2
Day 99, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

To be honest, I'm not 100% certain which boy this is... It's ridiculous, but the reflection looks like Kason, and the boy looks like Cohen!


TV 'Chair'

Day 98 by Road2Chaos2
Day 98, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Cohen has a new 'chair' for watching TV...


Day 97

Day 97 by Road2Chaos2
Day 97, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

"I want the camera, Mummy!"

Day 96

Day 96 by Road2Chaos2
Day 96, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Cohen Asher


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One of Those Days

Today was just one of those days. You know the ones, where there is nothing specific that goes 'wrong' exactly, but it's just a crap day. It started off well - the boys and I had playgroup which was awesome. It was the Easter one, and the Kindy next door (same building) had baby chicks which they had watched hatch. The baby chicks were brought over to Playgroup for the kids to hold and pat, Cohen was so not interested in them...until 'Ummy' (read: Mummy) was holding one and Kason was patting it, then he couldn't get enough of it! I forgot to take my camera this morning, but a friend got pictures, so I'll share them when I get them. It was also photo day and Kason especially had fun posing, until he decided that he must have a snack now! The kids also had an Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately I was changing Cohen's nappy and he and I missed most of the hunt, but luckily someone found some eggs for him...which he then decided to 'hide' himself - it didn't take him long to find them again!

Before we left Playgroup, I was filling in an evaluation form and both Cohen and Kason decided it would be the perfect opportunity to dig into a chocolate egg each. Yeah...that won't be happening again in a hurry, they got so hyped up almost immediately! They were running around, squealing, pulling faces and just being clowns. After dropping our friends off afterwards, we had to stop by the shops so I could get a couple more library books and pick up a canvas I had ordered. I figured we may as well have lunch while we were out as I knew both boys were likely to fall asleep on the way home. We went to my favourite cafe, and Kason and Cohen were such little ratbags! I kept them strapped in their stroller (which admittedly wasn't their usual one) and they were definitely not happy about that. Cohen kept pushing the chairs and tables away with his feet, pushing against me with his feet, and they were both squirming and straining to get out of their stroller. There was no way that was going to happen, they would have made a run for it, and likely in opposite directions! Seeing as it was lunch time, there were no highchairs available so they were stuck where they were!

They both did fall asleep on the way home, but they woke up super grumpy this afternoon. Poor little Kason has two big bite marks on his back, and another couple of little ones...Cohen has one on his hand. I just don't know how to get them to stop biting each other. They only do it when one of them has a toy that the other one really, really wants, but still. They obviously know that it hurts, they do it to each other, and I'm sure they are doing it to hurt each other. I give the toy to the boy who had it first and is the one who got bitten and take the other one down to sit in the corner with me to chill out for a couple of minutes before giving me a cuddle and a kiss and cuddle for his brother. They seem to go through phases of biting lots, then not biting for ages.

We spent a bit of time outside this afternoon, which calmed everyone down! For a while at least. Let's just say that I am very much looking forward to the boys going to Occasional Care tomorrow morning!


Day 95

Day 95 by Road2Chaos2
Day 95, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Kason & Cohen enjoying their coconut & guava iceblocks :-)



Day 94 by Road2Chaos2
Day 94, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Straight out of the camera. The colours are beautiful!


Sunday, April 1, 2012


Day 93 by Road2Chaos2
Day 93, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Kason and Cohen and their giant blackboard



Day 92 by Road2Chaos2
Day 92, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Devouring his yoghurt!



Day 91 by Road2Chaos2
Day 91, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

My beautiful Cohen



Day 90 by Road2Chaos2
Day 90, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Kason enjoying a nice cold drink with his twirly-whirly straw :-)


Day 89

Day 89 by Road2Chaos2
Day 89, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.



Day 88 by Road2Chaos2
Day 88, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Cohen is NOT impressed that he had to give up Daddy's iPad so he could eat breakfast.



Day 87 by Road2Chaos2
Day 87, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.