Sunday, May 30, 2010

Not So Quiet

The past few days have certainly been far from quiet, that's for sure!!! On Wednesday after I got home from my stretch class at the hospital, I got a phonecall to come into the labour ward for monitoring of the babies. I had had more bloods taken on Tuesday morning to monitor my levels for the cholestasis I had developed. Apparently, despite the meds I was on, my levels continued to rise. I came into the hospital, thinking I would just be hooked up to a CTG machine for maybe an hour or so to make sure the babies were ok. Although both the babies were fine, I apparently wasn't - although I felt ok! In addition to the cholestasis, I also had pre-eclampsia and really low platelets. The decision was made that it would be better for both the babies and myself if they were delivered right away. Because of the low platelets, the anaesthetics team weren't prepared to give me a spinal block or epidural...I had to have a c-section by general anaesthetic.

Kason Eligh & Cohen Asher were born on May 26, 2010 at 19:52 and 19:53, weighing 2065g and 2140g. They are both in the neonatal unit, and we expect them to be staying there until the end of June. I didn't get to meet them until the day after they were born as I was admitted to the intensive care unit.
On Day 2, they both had their drips taken out and were moved into open-top bassinets (from their incubators) as they were doing so well! They didn't manage to hold their temperatures too well, though, in the open bassinets, so they were both put back into their incubators - Kason first. They did, however, by Day 3, manage to graduate off their monitors!
As of today (Day 4), Kason is still struggling a little with his temperature, so is kept in his incubator on a heating pad, just wearing his nappy. He is tolerating his feeds really well, and is on about 25ml every 3 hours. Cohen is doing much better regulating his temperature, so, even though he is still in his incubator, he is allowed out for cuddles and doesn't have a heating pad. His stomach is a little sluggish though, and he doesn't always absorb all of his feeds, so he is on about 18ml every 2 hours.

So, in general, they are both doing really well!!! I, too, am getting better, but the first couple of days weren't without incision wound wouldn't stop bleeding, so I was taken back into surgery in the early hours of Saturday morning to find the cause and repair it. It's now MUCH better and I'm starting to recover, which also means I'm able to get down to see the boys more easily!

Monday, May 24, 2010

As Promised

As promised... Front of Quilt 2:

Back of Quilt 2:


Friday, May 21, 2010


It's been a while since I last posted...mostly because I haven't been doing anything particularly interesting or blog-worthy!
I'm now 34 weeks pregnant, feeling very hippo-like! Had a scan this morning, they are weighing about 2.1kg (4.6lb) and 2kg (4.4lb) respectively. I think those are pretty good weights, but we'll see what the OB says when we go and see him on Monday. Also hoping to get an "at the latest" date for delivery from him. We had to see a different OB a few weeks ago because of a public holiday...she said 38 weeks at the latest, and we've heard that from several sources. Just want to hear it from our OB! Will also hopefully get more of a 'plan' sorted.

In the last couple of weeks, I've managed to sew a quilt for each of the boys...I only finished the second one last night, so have no photos of that one yet!

Front of Quilt 1...

Back of Quilt 1...

(Yes, that, in the background, is a painting waiting to be hung! These pictures make it look deceptively's really quite big and is too big for the wall we wanted it on, so we still have to figure out where to hang it!)

I'll post pictures of the other quilt soon!