Thursday, July 28, 2011

Busy, Busy

It's my Mum's 60th birthday in September, and my Dad is throwing her a big party. Simon absolutely cannot take time off work when Mum's birthday is, so seeing as we won't be there, I'm making the invitations. I did them for Dad's 60th, too. I'm SO stoked with how they have turned out so far...I'm just waiting to get a photo of her from when she was little. My secret squirrel is working on that at the moment. Hopefully I'll have them done early next week to send to Dad to distribute J

Speaking of birthdays, it's Simon's tomorrow! I've baked him The Best Chocolate Cake Ever! as requested...just need to wait for it to cool down so I can ice it. I have also just finished putting his present together, too. I'll get photos of it tomorrow, but I reckon it looks freaken awesome and I am so excited to give it to him in the morning.

Total change of subject...we spent the afternoon down at the park today. We met three of my friends down there with their four kids. Three of the kids are around Kason and Cohen's age, one is just 3.5 month old. The boys had a blast, and in the last couple of days they have developed an obsession with slides – Kason especially! At Twins Playgroup yesterday, there was a really low-to-the-ground slide and Kase was just constantly climbing up it and sliding back down on his belly. He had an absolute blast, it was SO cute! Today he was trying to do the same, but the slide was much bigger, outside, and steel. Needless to say, we're looking for a slide for them now.

This is only short because I need to do some work on Z's quilt, and ice a cake!


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