Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All About Nothing!

So, being the totally awesome and smart person I am, I have *just* figured out I can write a post in Word and upload it directly from here!

It's been another quiet day here...looking forward to the next couple of days, when we actually have things planned! We have Twins Group tomorrow...I've posted about it before (can't find the posts at the moment though), it should be interesting. It's the school holidays here, so I think there will be some of the older twins there – I think most of them are around 15-years-old. Then on Friday arvo we have friends coming over, looking forward to catching up with them – we haven't seen them since Kason and Cohen's birthday party and we didn't really get much of a chance to chat then. That also means that I'm going to have to find some time tomorrow to get the housework done! I usually do that on a Wednesday when they boys are in Occasional Care, but that's not on in the holidays.

Anyways, this post hasn't really been very interesting huh?! Just wanted to try out this 'blogging-from-Word' thing J and now I have dishes to do, then I'm heading to bed early for a change! Maybe...!


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