Monday, July 25, 2011

New Port-a-Cot

Day 254 by Road2Chaos2
Day 254, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Our new port-a-cot arrived this morning. We already had one, but with our trip to Sydney coming up in a few weeks, we figured that while we could borrow one, it made more sense to buy a second one as this isn't likely to be the last holiday we go on in the next few years when we need them!

Anyways, it comes with all the trappings (including rocking rails which go on the bottom so it can rock like a cradle!), which I haven't put on, but there is also a little zip-door on one end which means it can also be used as a small playpen - the boys can crawl in and out of it and they had a blast with it this afternoon.


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