Friday, July 15, 2011



We've had a great day today! It wasn't what we had planned yesterday, but that's ok J My friend was supposed to bring her little man over for a playdate, but he has come down with a bad cold, so we had to postpone.

Simon is working at the Bridal Expo next weekend, and has to get fitted for a suit as one of the big suit sale and hire stores here are dressing him (and the models) as part of their advertising. Anyways, their store is in the city, so we all went in for a few hours. I thought it would have made sense for Simon to stay in the city seeing as he works there (he doesn't start until 5pm on Fridays), and it's a 1-hour bus trip in for him. He had other ideas though, and came home with us, had enough time to download a few more apps as recommended by my brother (hello, Talking Tom – you are freaking hilarious!) and that's about it! We rugged the boys up in their jackets and hats, put them in the wagon with a blanket to keep their little legs warm, and walked Daddy to the bus stop. Figured we may as well make the most of the SUN we finally saw today! It's not going to last long according to the forecast. Oh I so can't wait for Spring!!! And I am also holding out hope that the weather will be warmer in Sydney next month. Although, in saying that, I've already seen quite a few blossoms out around here lately J One tree has already gone past the blossoms and has it's new leaves already...maybe it's going to warm up soon??

Well, Si's working late tonight so I won't be waiting up for him, so I think I might go and get the dishes done so I can get to bed super early!

Oh!!! And we got a package from my Mum today, too...she knitted some pants for Cohen and Kason (SO cute!), and she put in a couple of packets of Eskimos for me – she is awesome!


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