Tuesday, July 26, 2011

14 Months Old!

Dear Kason and Cohen,

Today you are 14 months old! This morning we had a catch-up swimming lesson, and then after lunch we went to the shops to get some things for Daddy's birthday which is on Friday. After you both woke up from your afternoon nap, we just hung out. We have had a fairly quiet month, it's been school holidays for the last two weeks, which means that most of our usual activities haven't been on, so we've spent more time at home than usual. It's been nice though...generally. You have both dropped your afternoon naps, so by around 3:30pm-ish, you start to get a bit grumpy. When the weather has been nice enough, or at least not raining, we've been going for walks about that time just to get out of the house. On the days when rain has been threatening (which has been a lot this month!), we have just been going up and down the cul de sac in your wagon – it does the trick!

You are both doing so well, and you are really starting to show your personalities and becoming more confident within yourselves. When we go somewhere new, you generally will only take a few minutes to warm up and then off you both go to explore!

Kason, you LOVE to climb!!! You have started climbing up onto your little table, onto the coffee table, onto your little chairs, onto anything that will give you a different vantage point...and get you into trouble! You are VERY cheeky. When you are about to do something you know you're not allowed to do, you will give a very mischievous grin and giggle then get on with whatever it is.
You have also discovered a liking for eating millipedes. I hate it!!! You will hide behind the couch where I can't see you and go to town. You are up to three now. I don't even know where you find them, we don't get many inside the house and whenever Daddy or I see them, they go straight outside! When you get snapped eating something you shouldn't be, you shut your mouth tight so I can't get my finger in to get whatever it is out. I'm convinced you are going to be my boy who will eat the snails, the handfuls of dirt, the bugs, all of the gross stuff!!
You are still mostly crawling, but you are FAST! In the last few days, you have started taking several steps here and there. You're best so far is ten steps! I do thing you will pick-up walking faster than Cohen did.

Cohen, you seem to enjoy sitting in things. You are constantly climbing into your toy basket and the plastics drawer in the kitchen. Just a couple of days ago, you had a bit of a tantrum because Kason climbed into the basket and you couldn't get in too! You also ADORE books, which I love. You often have a book in your hands, and you are especially loving the carry-along book about baby animals your Nana and Grumps gave you for your birthday. You do NOT like Kason even looking at it. If you are not feeling quite your usual happy self, you will go and sit in the corner by your little table, get a book or five down and 'read' them.
In the last two weeks, you have really started to walk everywhere! You are getting more and more confident every day, and it is so cute to watch you toddle around everywhere! You like to chase Kason, but he is still faster crawling than you are walking, but you both love it, and causes you both to squeal and giggle! You also like to pat Kason on the head when you walk past him!

It really is such a privilege to watch your bond grow and develop. You love each other, and will often give each other a kiss. Just today you bumped heads. Cohen, you had a little cry (I think it gave you a bit of a fright), so I stroked your head. Kason must have been expecting it, so there were no tears from him, but it must have made you feel better when I stroked your head, because you then did the same to Kase You make each other laugh so many times throughout the day, you adore being together most of the time. There are times when you frustrate each other, and don't want to share my attention, or the toy you are playing with. But that is totally understandable – the only time you really get time without your brother is if one of you is asleep and the other one is awake.

We have a big couple of months coming up, but I'm sure you will handle everything like the little champs you are! You both amaze me, every single day. I am so incredibly lucky to be your Mama. I love you both in a circle.


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