Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Five Months!

Dear Kason & Cohen,

Cohen & Kason
Today you are five months old! We spend the morning at playgroup, and Daddy came with us too - you loved having him there and were full of smiles.

Kason, when you were weighed and measured last week, your numbers were:
Weight: 6350g
Height: 62.5cm

Cohen, when you were weight and measured last week, your numbers were:
Weight: 6440g
Height: 63cm

You have both really started to laugh and giggle and interact this past month. You both have the sweetest laughs, and it warms my heart everytime I hear you. Cohen, you love to TALK! And you talk LOUDLY!!! Kason, you enjoy talking too, but you are a bit more smiley than your brother. Often, in the middle of a feed, you will stop eating and just grin at me for a good few minutes.

You have had a busy month. Your Nan came to visit for a week, and so did your 'Aunty' Lesha. We also bought a car, which makes it much easier to get out and about, and we're certainly making the most of it. You both are so easy-going and cruisy. When one of Aunty Lesha's friends went into labour at our house last week, we just bundled you both straight into your carseats and drove her to her house in the hills - about an hour away. We then turned around and came home. You did SO fantastically well, I was so, so proud of you. Cohen, you cried a bit at the start, but Aunty Lesha just wound your window down a little and you calmed right down.
It's amazing how much you both enjoy being outside. We even bought you boys a pop-up beach tent which I have put up out on the lawn a few times when you have been having an unsettled day - it works a treat to cheer you both up.

We got our stash of MCNs this month, too, so you boys are wearing those about 99% of the time - your little bums look SO cute in them!

Cohen, you have had eczema rather bad this month. Mostly on your cheeks, but also a little on your elbows and ankles. We have cortisone cream to put on it, and it really does help, but you HATE it being put on. I have to do it when you are all wrapped up and going down for the night. That doesn't stop you crying, but it does stop you rubbing it off...usually!

You are both still waking at least once during the night, anytime between 1:30am and 4:30am. Daddy gets up with you when you wake in the mornings, generally around 7am. He keeps you busy until your feed about 8:30am.

This month will be a bit quieter, your 'Uncle' Wayne is visiting for a couple of days, but other than that, it will be business as usual. Our Neonates playgroup starts back up again this week (although we can't make it this week) after a 6-week break, so it will be great to see the other babies you were in hospital with again.

Kason & Cohen, you bring so much light and happiness to our lives, we love you in a circle baby boys.
Love always,

Monday, October 25, 2010

Project S

I finished 'Project S' last week, and it should almost be arriving at it's destination of my brother's place...it's for my new niece who is due in February. I thought it might have arrived today, but maybe tomorrow. I really hope they love it. The pictures don't really do it justice (if I may say so myself!) - it's super cute and so cuddly.


I already have another rag quilt underway, and after that one, I have another two to do. They don't take too long to make, it's just finding the time...usually when Simon is home so he can entertain Kason & Cohen!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All Good

Kason & Cohen have been SO well behaved the last couple of days - generally happy and going to sleep easily, and sleeping 8+ hours at night!!! Oh, and charming the pants off everyone they meet, but that's nothing new ;-)

The weather here is definitely picking up, we had such a stunning weekend! Simon was working again even though he is only supposed to work alternate Saturdays, and after he got home, we decided just to pop down to McLaren Vale to get some wine from the cellar doors. Rosemount have changed their tasting list and didn't have any of my favourite, so we got a couple of bottles of their 'Ruby O'. I'm only having a couple of glasses a week, if that, after the boys' last feed at night and the wines I've had recently just haven't hit the spot!

Our stash of MCNs arrived yesterday, so a load of washing later, we've been using them today and I just LOVE them! I just love Kason & Cohen's little bums in them, SO gorgeous! I'll have to get a picture of them both wearing them.

Tomorrow is going to be a super busy day for us...I hope the boys manage ok with it. We have coffee group at a friend's place, then a multiple birth assoc. playgroup (our first one), then picking my friend up from the city. I think if I just try to stick to their feeding and sleeping times as much as possible, they should be fine.

I've finished Project S!!! It's all sewn, chopped and washed twice. I just want to wash it one more time, then I'll take a picture and upload it before I send it. I'm so stoked with how cute it has turned out, and I can't believe how easy it was to make. I have another three to make now...although one doesn't need to be done for six months, so I have some time up my sleeve for that!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Long Weekend!

We had such awesome weather here over the (long) weekend! Unfortunately, Simon was working Saturday, but Kason, Cohen and I picked him up when he finished and we headed up Mt Lofty before heading home. Sunday we went for a drive with some friends down to Victor Harbor, had a late lunch at Port Elliot and spied a wooden toy factory! It was closed, but we will head back there at some stage in the not too distant future to see if they have the kind of rocking horse we are after. Monday was another cracker day, and we were planning on going shopping...didn't realise that the shops would almost all be closed!!! In NZ, shops are generally only closed on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day! All other holidays are just an excuse for sales! Not the case here...guess we should have figured that out considering nothing opens until 11am on Sundays, and apparently that has only just come in recently - it used to be that everything was closed all day Sunday. Anyways, we took the boys down to Port Noarlunga - their first trip to the beach :-) We are just loving the fact that we have so many awesome beaches within 10mins of our house! And we can acutally get to them much easier now that we have a car! Yesterday I also managed to finish sewing Project S. Now I just have to chop it and wash it a few times...I so hope it turns out as cute as I hope it will.
Kason & Cohen both slept for 9 hours on Sunday night - it was fantastic! I just wish we had of gone to bed earlier than we did...oh well! They are both asleep now, and I've managed to bake some muffins (thanks, Betty Crocker, for inventing packet mixes! Have to add in here that, generally, I don't bake from packets...just have to take a plate to playgroup tomorrow so got a packet incase I didn't get a chance to bake from scratch!) and clean both of the bathrooms. Now I'm just waiting on the two little men to awaken for their next feed, which will be any minute now so I better go.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Random Musings

I didn't get a chance to work on Project S last weekend, so it is still in it's unfinished state. It's a long weekend this weekend, although Simon is working tomorrow, so I'm hoping to maybe get a chance to change that! We don't have a lot planned - we got several things done today (SO handy to finally have a car!). We'll catch up with some friends of ours, and hopefully take Kason & Cohen to the beach for the first time as the weather is supposed to be lovely!

A friend of mine is coming over from NZ for a work conference at the end of next week. After her conference ends, she's staying with us for a week - I SO can't wait to see her, and introduce her to K&C.  After she leaves, another friend of ours is heading our way from Sydney. Not long after he leaves, Simon's Dad, his partner and his sister are planning on visiting (also from Sydney), then we are heading to Goldy, then three weeks after that, we're heading home to NZ for Christmas! It's going to be a busy few months, and I imagine it's going to go FAST!

We're trying to find a cool rocking horse - it's not as easy as you'd think. Perhaps that's because I have an imagine in my head of what I want it to be like, and I can't find one that matches!

Kason & Cohen made their photographic debut in a magazine this week...the Multiple Birth club here had a picnic day last weekend, and a photo of the boys sleeping in The Hummer (aka, their pram - it's a tank!) there features in the monthly magazine they put out. They also got their four-month vaccinations this morning. They did awesome, and both cried for about two minutes, then promptly fell asleep.

Better get myself some dinner before the two little munchkins are up for their feed.