Thursday, July 22, 2010

Two Months!

Kason & Cohen are two months old already!!!!!! They are awesome little guys, and we are so in love with them! It's amazing to watch them grow and change everyday.

They were in the neonatal unit for almost four weeks, and my Mum came over from NZ three days after they came home and she just left's going to take a little while to get used to being by myself with the two boys while Simon is at work, but we'll manage! It helps that they are SO super gorgeous and loveable.

We managed to get out and see a few places while Mum was here - we caught the bus into town several times, had lunch at the botanic gardens, visited Victor Harbor and some of the nearby wineries. The weather has been nice for the majority of Mum's stay so we went on lots of walks and explored the neighbourhood a lot and went to two playgroups, too!

Hopefully I'll be around a bit more - it has been an intense two months, especially that first month with the boys in the neonatal unit as I was spending all day everyday at the hospital with them.