Monday, July 18, 2011

Another One Done!

Day 246 by Road2Chaos2
Day 246, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Another craft project done and dusted! I actually finished most of it a couple of weeks ago, but just had to get the hooks to hang the bags off, and the things to attach the canvases to the wall.

Anyways, we are planning on making the spare room a toy/play room for Kason and Cohen. Because they share a room, and therefore there are two cots, two chests of drawers and a blanket box in their room, there isn't a lot of room in there for them to play. Well, with toys! They certainly love playing in pulling all of their clothes out of their drawers, and all of their sheets and blankets out of the blanket box!

I'm not delusional, I know the bags won't stay on the hooks, but hey, a girl can try! I've still got a few things to sort out in there before it's ready, but I'll get there. It's not really a priority at the moment.


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