Thursday, July 21, 2011


So...I had a pretty awesome photo as my photo of the day today. It was of a beautiful tree with it's blossoms all out. It was in a break in a 'tunnel' of trees, so the dusky sun was shining on it, it looked gorgeous! Anyways, we got home from our big walk in the wagon, and my little camera wasn't there!!! I had given it to the boys to hold onto so they would forget they were wearing hats and would be less likely to pull them off...yeah, not such a smart move on part. Obviously, at some point on the second half of our walk, they decided that they no longer needed to take care of said camera, and tossed it aside. Got home, camera not there, so I transferred the boys into the stroller (first time using the 'new' one!) and retraced our steps to where I last had it...about a 30 minute walk from home. I couldn't find it, and no-one we came across had seen it. Gutted! Luckily I transferred pictures off it two nights ago, and hadn't used it until the picture of the tree. Also luckily, we still have the big camera J


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