Friday, January 24, 2014

Or Maybe Not so Busy...

Cohen came down with croup. Not severely, but it bordered on mild/moderate and it was not in any way pleasant. Of course he kindly shared it with Kason, so I've had two sick boys in my bed most nights this week, which also meant that none of us have been getting much sleep at all :( Thankfully they have been improving pretty quickly (Kason especially, he didn't have it as badly as Cohen did), and they were both feeling much better today so we managed to get out and catch up with some friends. It broke my heart as we left though, Kason said, "I love my friends, Mummy. I'm going to miss them lots". Poor boy :-( I think they are both starting to grasp the fact that we will be living in NZ and won't be able to see their special friends very much.

Thankfully we have a quiet couple of days coming up before another busy long as noone gets sick again! It's so crazy to think that next week is our last full week in Adelaide. Cohen asked me this afternoon how many sleeps until we go to New Zealand - only 12!!! I'm very glad that when we go back, my brothers and their families are also heading back (for my little brother's wedding). It's going to be incredibly hard to leave, so it's nice to have some things to look forward to once we get there.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Busy Busy Busy!

We have a crazy busy couple of weeks coming up as it's only two weeks tomorrow until our big move! We are trying to catch up with as many people as we possibly can before we head off, as well as leaving time every couple of days for Simon to spend time with the boys. I also need to find time to sort through our things and keep the house clean!

Yesterday, we took the boys to their very first movie! We saw Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, and they LOVED it! They've seen the first one, so they knew what was going on, and who the characters were. Cohen cried at the end because he didn't want to leave! They both sat there beautifully for the entire movie :-) I call it a success!

Today we went to a Science Fun event at the school next to Kason and Cohen's childcare. It was fantastic! We started off in a big inflatable 'Star Dome', where the guy taking it had the night sky projected onto the the inside of the dome. He started off showing us the South Australian Winter sky, then the SA Summer sky, then the South Pole sky. After checking out the stars and learning some cool things, we went outside and made some rockets! The boys absolutely loved it all, and when I asked them tonight what their favourite part of today was, they both answered, "The stars and the rockets!".
From there, we headed to the local PlayCafe to catch up with one of their little friends. It was really lovely, as usually when we're there, the boys go their separate ways (which is completely fine!), but today they stuck together and helped each other out so much :-) It was just so nice to see them playing nicely and working together without fighting.
After a couple of hours there, we headed to another friend's house to catch up with her and her 8-month old boy. Cohen and Kase loved giving little Connor lots of hugs and kisses, and he loved watching them playing and kicking the ball around!

The rest of this week is shaping up to be just as busy as today was! Thankfully, they have 'school' tomorrow, so I'll hopefully get a chance to get some things sorted out and take a carload of things to the local donation drop-off.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year, Big Changes

A few months ago, I wouldn't have been able to predict the changes that are going on here right now. Simon and I split up in November, and since then, Kason, Cohen and I have spent two weeks on the Gold Coast in Queensland, had a visit from my Mum, and now we're getting things sorted for our move back to New Zealand early in February! We'll be moving in with my parents in Hamilton until we get ourselves sorted and find somewhere to live :)

It's not an easy time, but the boys are coping remarkably well. They have been overly clingy, especially when we were with my brothers and their families on the Gold Coast for Christmas. They aren't so clingy now that we're home, but Cohen has woken during the night a twice in the last week scared that he has lost me :( Breaks my heart :-(

But! We had a great Christmas, they boys had a blast playing with their cousins, swimming in the pool, going to Dreamworld and just having a break from things.

While I know that 2014 won't be the easier year, the three of us have a lot to look forward to - starting with seeing my oldest brother for the first time in almost five years, the boys meeting their pirate uncle, watching my little brother get married and spending more time with our family and friends :)


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zoo Day!

 We spent Father's Day at the zoo! The weather was stunning, and because we went after lunch, it wasn't too crazy busy :) We all had an awesome time!


Cohen absolutely LOVED the pandas! They were inside for most of the time we were at their enclosure, but we could still see them, and Cohen just wanted to wait for them to come back out. One of them kept coming back out into the enclosure, then would waddle back inside. She did that over and over and over again - Cohey though that she was hilarious, and kept talking to her to try to coax her out!
Kason's favourite had to be the little quokkas in the Children's Zoo. They were his favourite last time we were there, too. The photo above of him is one of my favourites! He just kept patting them, and giving them pieces of grass and hay to eat :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

"This is my friend"


The weather here has been C.R.A.P. lately! We've had rain pretty much every day, and it's been so cold I've even had the heater on every day. I am SO looking forward to Summer, and I'm loving seeing all the blossoms and daffodils out...I'm hoping that they nature's sign that the weather is going to improve soon...I can hope, right?!
Kason, in his raincoat, ready to play in the rain
This week has seen us at a friends place for a playdate, at playgroup twice, Kason and Cohen at child care, at the library, trying out a new barber for the boys (when I told them we were going to a barber, Kason starts singing, "Baa baa black sheep" - cracked me up!), climbing on boxes in the garage, riding bikes in the garage, and Cohen and Kason deciding that they are friends! The last few days, whenever one of them gets hurt (happens a lot. They fight. A LOT!), the other will come over and say, "This is my friend {insert brother's name here}" - super cute!
Cohen & Kason
Anyways, it's bedtime for me :-)


Thursday, August 1, 2013

I'm Baaaack!!


Ok, so highlights of the last three (!!! I'm so shocking!) months:

1. Kason and Cohen turned THREE!!! We had a monster-themed party, and had about 15 of the boys' friends at our place...and their parents!

2. Nana & Grumps (my parents) came to visit! They were here for the boys' birthday, my Dad was here for 10 days, Mum for about 2.5 weeks.

3. My best friend and her husband also graced us with their presence :-) They were only here for 5 days or so, but it was SO, SO good to have them here and show them a teeny tiny bit of Adelaide.

4. Kason and Cohen had their first 'school' trip - we went to the Adelaide Zoo, and had an AWESOME time! Especially as it was when Nana and Grumps were still here, so they could come, too :-)

5. We have FINALLY gotten two little boys pretty much toilet trained, including overnight!! It took us a good two weeks for it to click with them, but they are doing super awesome...apart from at school?!

6. I've been doing a whole heap of sewing - for the boys, for gifts, and even one item for myself! my next project is for me, too - I just need to get some fabric for it!

7. Simon and I celebrated five years of marriage! Well, we didn't really celebrate exactly, as my Grandmother died early the same morning.

8. But, we did go to see Ballet Revolucion a few nights later - a joint anniversary present to ourselves, and a birthday present for Simon.

9. Kason and Cohen have nailed riding their new bikes (they got them for their birthday) with their training wheels! We are so glad to live in a quiet cul de sac where they can ride their bikes almost everyday. And when it's raining? The car gets put onto the driveway so they can ride in the garage!

10. I think that we're all up to date!


Friday, April 26, 2013

Kids Clothes Week in Pictures: Part 1

Here's some of what I've made so far for Kids Clothes Week! And yes, I know it's supposedly for 'Spring', but it's Autumn here, so not much point in making Spring clothes!

There is still more to come, and I better get cracking on tonight's project :-)