Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mr. Model

Day 25 by Road2Chaos2
Day 25, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Lil Master Kason trying on his new shirt, and showing off just a little ;-)


Mr. Serious

Day 24 by Road2Chaos2
Day 24, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Lil Master Cohen looking all serious. He's still not feeling so flash, but at least no vomiting today (from either boy)!


Mt. Laundry-Pile

Day 23 by Road2Chaos2
Day 23, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

This is my laundry pile for today alone. Both Kason and Cohen spent the day vomiting, which meant I had three loads of laundry. Thankfully it's been really warm here and it all dries super quickly!


Sunday, January 22, 2012


Day 22 by Road2Chaos2
Day 22, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Superhero Kason! I *so* need to make him and Cohen a 'proper' superhero cape each.


Cooling Down

Day 21 by Road2Chaos2
Day 21, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Super hot day = FUN!!!


Riding ma bike

Day 20 by Road2Chaos2
Day 20, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Cohen has figured out that it works better if he sits on his bike, rather than walking with it!



Day 19 by Road2Chaos2
Day 19, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Cohen concentrating hard on getting his animals in the right place in the barn!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Day 18 by Road2Chaos2
Day 18, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

I just could not choose one photo today. These three in sequence make my heart SO happy. I love that my beautiful boys are best friends, that they love each other so much, and that they enjoy playing together so much <3


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little Feet

Day 17 by Road2Chaos2
Day 17, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

These little feet like to find too-big jandals to wear around the house!



Day 16 by Road2Chaos2
Day 16, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Two little boys are pretty stoked to be standing on their steps.


Sunday, January 15, 2012


Day 15 by Road2Chaos2
Day 15, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Down by the playground this morning



Day 14 by Road2Chaos2
Day 14, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

This, my friends, is Kason's moneybox. We think it's awesome, and it took us SO long to find!


Friday, January 13, 2012


Day 13 by Road2Chaos2
Day 13, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Hello there Mr. Kason :-D


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 12

Day 12 by Road2Chaos2
Day 12, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Cohen absolutely loved the tyre swing at Twins Group today - like a big boy's swing, but not!



Day 11 by Road2Chaos2
Day 11, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

A boy's favourite thing!!



Day 10 by Road2Chaos2
Day 10, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Mr. Cohen trying to figure out how the camera works



Little Cohen woke up again last night. Luckily it wasn't for long, but it took me about two hours to get back to sleep! And, an added bonus, both boys slept in until 7:45am. This is completely unheard of, people. As in, I don't think it has ever happened before. Ever.

We had a crazy, full-on afternoon. We had Twins Groups first, and the boys had a blast playing outside in the Kindy playground cause the Kindy kids are still on holiday. It's held at the same place we go to Playgroup (which is also still on holiday), so the boys often play there. There were a couple of things that weren't built the way it had been planned, so those were 'fixed' over the holidays and were only just finished two days ago. Our group was the first to 'test' out the new equipment! One of the new things is a slide built into a little hill they made. It was a HIT!!!! Especially with Kason and Cohen. They kept going up the stairs and down the slide over and over and over again! They had some new toys out too...including a little tandem bike! Perfect for Twins Group!

After exhausting Cohen and Kason out there, we ran a few errands and then met a friend with her little girl at a playground. All three little ones loved it, but I'm fairly certain that they will all sleep REALLY well tonight!!! I'm thinking I'll probably sleep really well tonight too! And maybe, just maybe, I'll get to bed before 11:30pm tonight!


Monday, January 9, 2012

One Tear

Day 9 by Road2Chaos2
Day 9, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Creeping down the beautiful cheek of a beautiful boy.


A Shadow of a Boy

Day 8 by Road2Chaos2
Day 8, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.



Day 7 by Road2Chaos2
Day 7, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Apparently so!


Food Stress

Simon went back to work today after 2.5 weeks of holiday. And after having at least one extra pair of hands around for the last 3.5 weeks, today was a bit of a struggle for me. We don't have any of our usual activities on this week (or next, I don't think), so maybe that thought played a part, too.

Cohen and Kason have, in the last few days, decided that the only they will eat is if they are able to feed themselves. At breakfast, this is perfectly fine, and lunch is always finger food anyways. Dinnertime, however, is a different story. They both flat-out refuse to eat vegetables or meat in any form other than mash (apart from Cohen, who will eat sausages). And even that they often won't eat. And feeding themselves, they aren't eating more than a spoonful or two each. Considering Cohen has already lost quite a bit of weight, and Kason put hardly any on in the last month...I worry. And, to be honest, it is stressing me out. I'm trying not to show it, but it's hard. I know they like what I give them, there are nights when they devour it. It's frustrating, especially when they need to eat, when they need to be putting on weight. I know I need to chill out, that they will eat if they're's hard though!

On the plus side, and a completely different subject, they both slept until 7am this morning, then were happy as to chat to each other for another 30 minutes before we got them was so nice to be in bed until 7:30am!


Friday, January 6, 2012


Day 6 by Road2Chaos2
Day 6, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Daddy playing with Kason and Cohen before bedtime :-)



Day 5 by Road2Chaos2
Day 5, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

This is one of our favourite playgrounds. It was attacked by an arsonist a few weeks ago. It makes me sick.

Thankfully it was caught early and most of it is still able to be used.


Thursday, January 5, 2012


I have a couple of worries about my little Cohen. I'm sure I've mentioned before that Kason and Cohen are in a programme where we have a Child, Youth and Health nurse come and visit us every month for two years. Anyways, we had our visit today, and Cohen has lost almost 500g in a month. That's quite a bit to lose when he isn't particularly big to start with. He usually sits around the 25th percentile for he is closer to the 10th. He is a little over 10.5kg, and he is 19-months old. There have been other months when he hasn't eaten a whole lot, but other than when he was first born, he has never lost weight. I just don't know what else to do. I really would have thought that Kason would be more at risk of losing weight - there isn't a lot of food that he actually likes.

My other concern with him at the moment is his speech. I know that twins will often develop their speech later than singletons, but when you have another child the same age, it's hard not to see when one may be not quite at the same stage. I know I shouldn't compare, and generally I don't, but Kason has quite a few words. Not as many as a lot of his friends, but certainly a lot more than Cohen. Kason also seems to be learning a new word every couple of days. Cohen, on the other hand, only has a handful of words. As in, probably less than five, which he will clearly say on a regular basis. Our nurse today told us that she will put in a referral for both boys for speech therapy. Apparently there is about a 3-4 month wait. At this stage, it's more just because of the long waiting-period that we put in the referral. If there is a problem, the sooner we can get to work on it, the better. And if he does start to pick up some new words and catch up to his brother, we can easily cancel the appointment. Hopefully that will be what we end up doing!

But, my Cohen is a such a sweet, kind-hearted little guy. He absolutely loves to give kisses - especially to me and Kason. So many times throughout the day, he will come over to me and just give me a kiss. He blows kisses to everyone he sees - even just walking through the mall he will be blowing kisses to people passing us by. He loves to give his brother hugs, and won't start eating his snack, or drinking his milk until Kason has had a bite, or a sip. Cohen enjoys books, and has an incredible memory - especially when it comes to dogs! Often, when we are out driving, he will spot a dog (usually long before any adults in the car do). For weeks, even months later, he will say "dog?" when we are in the same place - he knows there was a dog there before, and he wants to know where it is now! Dogs are most definitely his favourite animal, followed by lions. Whenever I mention Grumps (my Dad) to him, he says, "dog! Doggie! Dog!" - Grumps always has his dog nearby to say hello to Cohen and Kason J

Cohen is amazing, and I'm so incredibly lucky to be able to call him my Son. I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for him.



Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4

Day 4 by Road2Chaos2
Day 4, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Cohen at playground #2 for the day


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Day 3 by Road2Chaos2
Day 3, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

My 'swimming pool' today :-)


Monday, January 2, 2012


Day 2 by Road2Chaos2
Day 2, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

All wrinkly from splashing in the paddling pool!



Day 1 by Road2Chaos2
Day 1, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.
Beautiful blue sky to start off the year!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Last night we went down to the beach and watch the sun set on 2011. A year when our two little boys went from 7-month old babies who were learning to crawl to 19-month old toddlers who climb and run, who love to give cuddles and kisses and play in the ocean.

We are looking forward to 2012, and watching Kason and Cohen grow and learn and develop even more. It's weird to think that this time next year they will be 2.5 and we will be tackling the potty!

2012 has a few things in store for us. I'm hoping it will bring a trip to New Zealand in April for me, Kason and Cohen; another trip back to NZ in November/December for my best friend's wedding, for all of us this time; and I also have something in the pipeline at the moment, but it needs a bit more work before I share it.
I don't particularly like making resolutions. A year is a long time, and you just never know what it might throw at you that could derail even the best of intentions. It's probably pessimistic of me, but hey! I do have a few ideas of things I'd like to improve/change/accomplish though.

We've had a great start to the year - we were at the beach by 10am so we could avoid the ridiculous heat (try 41*C this afternoon!), then both boys had a mammoth nap...and so did Simon and I! We had a quiet afternoon, inside, with the air conditioning cranking. Both boys were crashed out in bed almost as soon as we put them down tonight, and I'm hoping that they pull another 7am start out for us J

It's so awesome to have a couple of weeks with Simon at home with us, and as nice as it was having my parents here, I'm really appreciating this time with just the four of us. I don't think we've had this amount of time together as a family ever!

Happy New Year to you all, I hope that it brings you everything you dream it will.