Monday, July 18, 2011

Not What Was Planned

Day 245 by Road2Chaos2
Day 245, a photo by Road2Chaos2 on Flickr.

Today was awesome!!! It was not exactly what we had planned, but hey! We headed down to Victor Harbor to check out a children's market they had was a bit disappointing. It is a fairly new market I think, so there weren't many stalls, and the stalls that they did have catered more for girls. That's been the trend that I've noticed at most of the markets we've been to, but I guess it's much more obvious when there are so few (maybe 10-15) stalls, with only three that have *any* boy things. The only thing we bought was a pair of Cheeky Feet shoes for my niece. Oh, and two cupcakes!!

Anyways, from there we drove into the town with the intent to get some takeaway lunch and eat it at the big park. Driving in though, we noticed big signs up everywhere advertising a Junior Pro Surfing comp on. We tapped the beach into the GPS, and off we went! The beach (Waitpinga Beach) was in the middle of the wops, no phone service, and down a skinny road which was lined with parked cars making it even skinnier! We found a spot to park and walked back to the beach access spot to check out the action. Kason and Cohen had their lunch on the beach, before watching a Southern Right Whale playing out the back, and then a pod of dolphins swimming right through the middle of the surf!

After watching a few heats and semi-finals of the surfing comp, we went back to the town, Si got his fish and chips and we had the lunch in the park. Cohen and Kason LOVED chasing the seagulls around and watching them fighting over hot chips (the seagulls, not the boys!).

Got home just in time for the boys' dinner. Such an awesome day with my awesome little family :-)


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