Monday, April 11, 2011


So after my last post when the boys had me up every hour from 3:10am on Wednesday night, Cohen slept until 5am on Friday morning, then went back to sleep until 7:30am, and Kason slept until 7am! It was sooo nice to have a decent sleep for a change, and I definitely felt more human on Friday. Unfortunately though, it was just a one-off and they were back to waking up once or twice each. Until last night, when they decided to only let me sleep for 3.5 hours. Total. On the flip side, they have both had awesome naps the last two days - one massive 2.5 hour nap yesterday, and two 40 minute naps today. I know today's naps weren't long, but it was the fact that they were both asleep within 10 minutes of being put in their cots.

Friday the boys had a birthday party for one of their little friends. It was held at Wiggly Worms, and Kason and Cohen had so much fun! Well, Cohen a bit more than Kason, who decided to be a bit clingy and cracked it when it put him in the ball pit! He did warm up after a while and crawled off to investigate some of the other toys and play with the other babies, so that was good. I think going to occasional care is improving their confidences, I'm pretty sure that had they been at the party there a couple of months ago, they would not have left my side at all.

Saturday, Si was working, so the boys and I just stayed home. It was a good day for it too, the weather was shite! Friday was beautiful - warm (31C!) and sunny - but Saturday, I think the temperature got up to 22C and rainy. And it hasn't improved since - yesterday's high was a whopping 16.9C!

Sunday was pretty stock-standard - pancakes for breakfast, swimming lesson, home for a nap (for everyone - it was fantastic and I slept for two hours! Thanks, Si, for getting the boys up and giving them their lunch!), then to the shops for a Latte for Simon and a Tim Tam Chiller for me, and groceries.

Today, we've just hung out at home, apart from a short stroll to the post box down the road! I did manage to bake a batch of Grandma's Chocolate Chip cookies, and yesterday I baked some hot cross buns! Fruitless hot cross buns, of course - I can't stand biting into a raisin or sultana when I'm eating bread, it's just wrong! I have promised to bake Simon some with fruit in them at some point during the week though.

I'm hoping to be in bed earlier than 12am tonight...we'll see how that plan pans out!


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