Saturday, April 16, 2011

City Slicken

Day 154
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We had such an awesome day today! We headed into the city and caught up with one of my school friends and her hubby. But first, we stopped in at the dance studio where Simon works (in the city), and I FINALLY got a chance to have a dance! Just two dances - we had a tango and a cha cha - but it was SO great!
Anyways, from there, we met Cath & Caleb at the markets across the road, and wandered to a little playground near their place. We had a really nice picnic lunch, then took the boys to play on the playground. Cohen, in particular, LOVED the swings!!!!!!!! He was grinning and laughing the entire time, and when we went to go on the slide, Cohen would. not. let. go. of the chain! They were so knackered after all their playing, they fell asleep on the walk back to the car. Today's picture is of Victoria Square in Adelaide City.
Tomorrow is looking like it's going to be another busy one!


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