Thursday, April 14, 2011

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Day 152
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I love this picture of Kason with his Daddy! Although it would have been better if Si was actually looking at the camera, but hey! What can ya do?! Kason and Cohen really do love swimming - they grin the entire time, even when they are splashing water in each others faces...maybe even especially then!

Our CYH nurse came by today. We are in a programme where they boys are 'followed' for the first two years of their lives, which is fantastic! I get a lot of support and information from our nurse, and the boys get weighed and measured every month without me having to make a special trip to have it done! It's just reassuring to know how they are doing. And they are doing great! Cohen is smack bang on the 25th percentile for his actual age, and Kason is ever so slightly under the 25th percentile. This is AWESOME! When they were born, they were both UNDER the 3rd percentile, so they really are doing fantastic :-D
Our nurse also thinks that both boys are not far away from all. I wonder if they will be walking by their birthday! My Dad is wanting them to walk NOW. My oldest brother was walking by 8.5 months and apparently got into everything, and my Dad wants my boys to cause as much mischief and mayhem as possible. Yeah...I'm not so keen on that aspect of it. I do agree with our nurse though, I really don't think they are far off walking.

And for a complete change of subject...when we were at the mall tonight, we spent about 15 minutes in my favourite coffee shop. In that short space of time, no less than six people came over to us to tell me how gorgeous Kason and Cohen are, and to try to coax a smile out of them. One lady had apparently been watching us from the other side of the shop (that sounds remotely creepy...!) for a while and was amazed at how both of the boys would copy me waving and clapping.

Looking forward to having Simon home for most of tomorrow...I'm a little unsure if we're going to make it to Neonates playgroup in the morning, the boys have both had slightly runny noses the last couple of days (which I'm sure is just from teething), but because there are likely to be tiny prem babies there, some only just released from hospital, I'd rather not risk them getting sick. Might have to take a trip to Target instead ;-)


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