Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eleven Months!

Dear Kason & Cohen,

You are 11 months old!!! I cannot believe that you are almost ONE!

Kason & Cohen - 11 months!

We haven't really done anything particularly out of the ordinary this past month - just playgroups, and hanging out! Although, we have just had a super long weekend of five days for Easter and ANZAC Day, so we had Daddy home with us that whole time which you both LOVED!

You have both been a bit sick this month. Kason, you got quite a bad chesty cough, so you had some medicine for that (you really liked the flavour, which made it easy to give it to you). That cleared up fairly quickly, but literally the day you finished your medicine, you got the same rash that Cohen had for the 4/5 days beforehand. Cohen, your rash is clearing up well, and should hopefully be gone in another day or two. Hopefully, Kase, yours is gone by the weekend so we can go swimming on Sunday.

Cohen, you will stand on your own occasionally, usually a couple of times a day, and you are getting really good at it! You LOVE the push-along walker, and you will often get it out and push it around the living room. A few nights ago, you just walked around with it for a good 20 minutes...and you would have kept on going if you didn't have to go to bed!

Kason, you can stand on your own, too, but you don't do it very often. You are very good at walking while holding onto mine or Daddy's hands. You are so very proud of yourself when you walk. You have adopted a VERY cheeky grin - you scrunch up your nose and kind of snort! When we were at the doctors office with Cohen, you won several new friends with it.

You are both becoming very outgoing little boys, and you are getting more and more confidence which is awesome to see :-) We had some of your friends over on Good Friday, and instead of clinging to me, you both went off to play.

Over the long weekend, Daddy and I put you on a new routine, which seems to be working really well, and has already improved your daytime sleeps, and we're getting there with your night sleeps - I'm hoping that once you are both feeling better (with the rashes you've had, you both seem to have been a bit miserable and wanting cuddles in the middle of the night), we will have you both sleeping through the night pretty reliably.

Paula was here a week or so ago, so she weighed and measured you.

Kason, your 'stats' are:

Weight: 9030g
Length: 72.5cm
Teeth: 8!

Kason - 11 months!

Cohen, your 'stats' are:

Weight: 9200g
Length: 73cm
Teeth: 6!

Cohen - 11 months!

The next few weeks are going to be crazy busy, what with getting everything sorted for your birthday and your birthday party. And Nana arrives the week before your birthday, so we will be out lots with her. I'm looking forward to it!

You are such amazing little guys, and every single day you make me laugh!
I love you both SO, SO much!


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