Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a Good Friday

Day 160
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Kason and Cohen slept through the night for three nights in a row! Last night was a different story though...Cohen woke up at 3am, it took me 40mins to get him back to sleep (not too bad), then Kason woke up at 4am and woke Cohen up too. Oh the joys!

Today has been a bit crazy, but great! Our Mother's group had planned an easter hunt at nearby park, but the weather has been weird today - one minute the sun is shining, and the next it's pouring with rain - so it wasn't really a good idea to have our picnic lunch outside, so everyone came here. It was decided about an hour beforehand, so that's how long I had to give the house a quick clean etc.! It was great though, and was awesome to see everyone :-) One of the girls is due to have bubba #2 in two weeks, so perhaps the next time we see her, we'll have another one in the group. It was awesome watching the little ones all interacting, they are at such a cool age right now :-)
Anyways, with all the excitement, Kason and Cohen didn't go down for their afternoon nap. We did try to get them to sleep after everyone left at 4pm, but they were just so overtired by that point (they only had an hour this morning), it just wasn't going to happen, so I took them for a walk while Si had a nap. We saw this tree while we were out and about...well, I did - the boys were fast asleep!

I think I'm heading that way very shortly too, to bed, can't wait!


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