Thursday, April 7, 2011

Looong night, good day!

Day 145
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Last night was a loooong night. As per usual, both Kason and Cohen were in bed, asleep, by 8pm. Cohen then woke at 9:10pm. Then he woke again at 3:10am. And 4:10am. Kason woke at 5:10am. Cohen woke again at 6:10am - this time for the day. Simon got up with him. Then Kason woke at 7am. I had forgotten to turn the sounds on the monitor off when Simon got up.

Despite my lack of sleep last night, we had a good day. The boys were super happy and goofy and cheeky...even if Kason refused to eat anything other than blueberry and apple!

Today's photo...after we left the mall tonight (we walk around the shops on late-night Thursday instead of going for a walk), I noticed the setting sun. It was absolutely beautiful, MASSIVE and bright orangey-pink. I got the boys and the groceries in the car and we drove to the beach which is just a few minutes down the road, but we were just a little too late - we missed seeing it melt into the ocean :-( I didn't have my big camera anyways, so we're going to have to go back another night soon.


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