Friday, April 15, 2011

Mission: Impossible??

Day 153
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Kason and Cohen are often waking during the night. I know they don't need a feed, they managed several months of (mostly) sleeping right through, and they are eating more now than they were then. Granted, they are moving more too, but I am certain that they are just waking to be comforted. And I have been feeding them, purely because it's easy to get them back to sleep that way, and, to be honest, in the middle of the night, easy is the way I'm gonna go.
But. This broken sleep is killing me! Although, it's kinda nice not having to feel bad when Simon gets up with the boys in the morning cause I've been up with them during the night, I'd much rather get a full nights sleep!
So. Back to the story. I am going to attempt to not feed them back to sleep when they wake up at night. I actually did it last night. Cohen woke up at 4am, and although it took an hour to get him to settle in his cot, he did settle, and he slept until 7am!
We'll see how we go tonight. We decided on tackling it this weekend cause Simon isn't working tomorrow, so he will be able to get up if necessary.

On another note! We didn't go to playgroup today, both of the boys are still a bit snotty, and Kase is a bit chesty. Didn't want to run the risk of the little preemies possibly getting sick. Instead, we just hung out with Daddy! It was such a beautiful day. Kason and Cohen had MEGA naps this afternoon - I woke them up just after 5pm (they went down about 2:45pm) because I didn't particularly want them to fight going to sleep tonight.


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