Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Robots and Candles

Day 165
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We sent birthday invitations out for Kason and Cohen's first birthday party today! I am SO excited! I think I've mentioned before that it's a robot theme. We have pretty much everything sorted (I think!), but although I've seen pictures of robot candles, I have not been able to be FIND any! My mum managed to find a British online store that has some, but they just weren't what I had in mind...and more than that, while they were only AUS$4.50 each, when we added in postage, we would be looking at paying AUS$40 for two candles!!! Yeah, nah! No freaken way am I paying that for two candles that I don't love!
Anyways, I had the idea to make a candle holder out of fimo/du-kit. I had some in my craft stuff, so I made this little guy! He has a hole in the top of his head where the candle will go. He is just a trial one - I have a few adjustments to make, including toothpicks in his feet so he can 'stand' on the cake. I need to get some green du-kit too, to make Cohen's one. There will be two cakes - one for each boy. I am definitely a cake lover, and I think it would SUCK having to share my birthday cake (not the actual eating part of it, of course!), so that was one of the things we decided early on after discovering we were expecting twins - that they would always have separate cakes (unless they want a joint cake at some point).

Speaking of cake...I'm trying to decide if I want some with vanilla ice cream for my dessert...!


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