Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Day 151
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This week, Kason and Cohen have started to show me that they are understanding what we say. Cohen will clap when I ask him to - he LOVES to clap!!! It's the cutest thing, he gets the biggest grin on his face :-D Kason will say 'hi' when he waves, or when I wave to him - SO gorgeous! And Kason's latest trick, the trick he has been 'showing off' for the last two nights? He stands up in the bath - this in itself isn't new - and he KNOWS he isn't allowed to. So anyways, he stands up, and I say to him, "Kason, can you sit down please?", and down he sits! Only to get back up again so we can repeat this over, and over, and over, and over, and over again until he doesn't sit back down - then he gets out.

Kason and Cohen went to 'school' again this morning. I have to admit, it's quite nice to that break when I know I'll actually be able to get things done without being interrupted. I finally bought some plain long-sleeved onsies for the boys a week or so ago, with the intention of doing some applique. But by the time the boys are in bed, and I've cooked and eaten my dinner, I usually just want to blob on the couch! Anyways...I actually got them done this morning, plus a load of washing folded, put away and another on the line and made the boys their fruit for the week. It was a very productive morning! And again, they had lots of fun playing at school, and had just fallen asleep in The Hummer when I arrived to pick them up :-)

Their naps were a bit strange today...they stayed asleep when I transferred them into their carseats, then into their cots, and they stayed asleep for 1.5 hours! This afternoon, they were acting all tired - grizzly, rubbing their eyes etc., so I put them down. But they did. not. want. to. sleep.!!! After 20 minutes of them talking, squealing, crying and chatting, I got them up and took them into our bed. Kason fell asleep within 5 minutes! Cohen took a little longer, but he, too, was soon asleep and we all took a nap together :-) They obviously just wanted cuddles with Mama and Brother!

Our CYH nurse is coming tomorrow, so I'll be getting Cohen and Kase weighed, and hopefully measured...will be very interesting!

Oh! And Cohen got a package in the mail from his Nana (my Mum) today, a new knitted jersey - it is SO cute!!! Can't wait for Kason's to arrive! Mum can knit it now that we know it will fit.


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