Monday, January 31, 2011

It's a Scorcher!

Day 79
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Today was the hottest day in Adelaide for over a got up to 42.9C apparently! Freaken hot!!!!!!!!!! When I brought the washing in off the line this arvo, it felt like it had been in the dryer for an hour!

Guess it goes without saying that we just hung out inside today, with the air con cranking, so we didn't notice the heat too much. But, we did have a make-up swimming lesson this morning, so we had to walk about 50 metres from the car to the pools, almost broke a sweat because of the heat, and that was at 9:45am!!!

I'm watching 'Undercover Boss' at the moment. I love this show, it never fails to give me warm fuzzies <3

Everything is back to normal from this week, after the Christmas/New Year break - it's gonna be a busy one, but we like it like that!

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