Thursday, January 27, 2011

Old-School Rock

Day 75
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I think I've mentioned on here before that we have been looking for an old-school rocking horse for Kason and Cohen. We have not been able to find one, despite month of searching. What made it even more frustrating is that my parents have one in their garage back home in New Zealand.

This morning, a friend of ours sent a message on Facebook to our Mums & Bubs group asking if anyone wanted an old-fashioned rocking horse! I replied immediately, and less than three hours later, Cohen and Kason were having their first go on it :-)

I love it, and it is in such fantastic condition (we didn't see any pictures of it beforehand) we don't even need to repaint it or anything! And just to top it off, the lady GAVE it to us!!! She is thrilled that it is going to a good home and that it will get plenty of use.

We did manage to get to the pools this morning before Simon left for work. It was so interesting to see how much more confident Kason was in the water. He really just loves it - big grin plastered on his face, and lots of excited squeals! Cohen had a blast too, but he took a bit longer to get used to it.


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