Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bathing Twins!

Day 73
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Just after we were told we were expecting twins, I woke in the middle of the night thinking, "oh my God, how the hell am I supposed to bath TWINS??!?" The next day, I dragged Simon out to the bookstores to find pregnancy books on twins (commonly popular books only seem to mention twin pregnancies briefly, which I found really frustrating).

Anyways, until a few weeks ago, I was bathing Cohen and Kason alternately - one one night, the other the next night. However...they are ridiculously messy eaters, and no matter how well I clean them up after their meals, I inevitably miss some, so they really both need to be bathed every night. Seeings as Simon works nights during the week, I get to do the whole bath and bed thing alone five nights out of seven.
The actual bathing part is fairly easy, especially as they are both sitting up unaided so well now. It's the part that comes after the bath that makes life a bit more colourful! While neither Kason or Cohen are crawling yet, they are certainly moving. I get one boy out of the bath, put him in his towel, then get the other boy out and put him in his towel. By the time I've gotten Boy 2 out of the bath, Boy 1 has usually rolled off of his towel, and onto his brother's towel and reaching for a set of PJs to munch on! Then the attempt to get both boys dried and into their PJs is great fun!!! It takes a while, but we get there - although it's certainly MUCH easier when Daddy is home to help out.


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