Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Can't Think of a Title!

Day 80
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Playgroup started back today, it was so good to see everyone again, and it is CRAZY how much the babies have grown (there are a few younger than C & K) in the last six weeks!
However...Kason decided that he did. not. want. to. sleep. today! He slept all night, from 8pm to 8am, then he slept for the 10min car ride home from playgroup and again for about 20mins when we went to the mall (purely because he would usually sleep in The Hummer), and then another 20mins on our walk. Yeah...50 minutes sleep during the day for an 8-month-old makes for a sooky boy! He went down fine tonight, though, so we'll see how he goes overnight...

Cohen and Kason have a birthday party to attend this weekend...I just remembered tonight that they need an 'In The Night Garden' themed costume each. I can sew in a straight line to make quilts, but I don't know how I'd go with sewing anything more complicated, but I might just have to attempt it tomorrow. I'm thinking a visit to Spotlight might be in order tomorrow morning before Si goes to work. Doesn't help that we don't watch 'In The Night Garden', so I've had to google the characters to figure out what the costumes are going to look like! This is going to be...interesting.


Oh! Today's pic is just a wall of graffiti nearby. I really like graffiti art - the art that is *supposed* to be there. Back in Auckland there was one wall of graffiti we would pass quite frequently, and it was always cool to see the artists change it up every now and then!

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