Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eight Months!!!

Dear Cohen & Kason,

Today you are eight months old!!! Where that time has gone, I don’t know, but what an amazing eight months! I missed writing your last two monthly emails as we’ve been away. You went on your first domestic flight on your half-birthday – we went to the Gold Coast to visit Uncle Hamish, Aunty Donna, Ryan, Uncle Josh and Aunty Rachael. Nana surprised us, and she was there too! You were both little champs, barely a grizzle out of either of you, and you charmed the pants off everyone.

When you were both weighed last week, your ‘stats’ were:

Weight: 7950g
Length: 69cm

Weight: 7740g
Length: 70cm

That’s the biggest weight AND length difference there has ever been between you two!

Three weeks after we got back from there, we went to New Zealand to stay with Nana & Grumps for Christmas. Again, no crying from either of you, there or back! Although, Kason, you cracked it when we arrived back in Adelaide, waiting in the Customs queue. But it was all good – we got through the line pretty quickly, and we were directed down the detector dog line – no x-rays for our bags!

You have started eating three solid meals a day, and it’s been great! It has meant that you have cut down your breastfeeds to four-hourly, instead of three-hourly, AND you are both sleeping through the night now, which is great for all of us. Cohen, you had about ten days where the only thing you would eat was yoghurt (that’s currently your most favourite thing in the world!), but you’re now eating well again. We tried you with peach & mango a few days ago, and it even rivals yoghurt, neither of you can get enough of it! You both seem to have the same favourites, although, Cohen, you do like yoghurt a bit more than Kason does. You both really enjoy banana and apple & pear. Oh, and Cohen, you love avocado too.

This last weekend, we started swimming lessons! Unfortunately, Cohen, you have been a little sick with a runny nose and a cough, so we thought it best to keep you out of the pool for the week. Kason, you LOVED your lesson, and had a big grin on your face for a lot of the lesson. I can’t wait for the next lesson, when you can both join in! We are hoping to take you both to the pools this week so Cohen, you can get a turn at swimming too.

You were both spoiled rotten when we were in New Zealand; we had to bring an extra bag back to fit all your presents in! And Grumps even built you boys a trolley, which you really enjoyed. Cohen, you even got a ride right around the block in it one day with Nana, Grumps and Fonzie. While we were there, we got a chance to spend some one-on-one time with each of you, which we really enjoyed. We hope to continue that too. We had a chance to in the first week we were back in Adelaide – we had a playdate at B & M’s house with N & C as well, but Cohen, as you were a bit sick, you stayed home with Daddy, and Kason, you and I went. It was interesting. You seemed so lost with Cohen there, like you didn’t quite know what to do. We only stayed for about 1½ hours, and when you saw Cohen when we got home, you were SO excited, as was he. You both stayed within arms reach of each for the rest of the day.

Kason, you are getting up on your hands and knees very frequently, and trying your best to crawl. Cohen, you do more of a commando crawl, getting around the floor on your tummy quite happily. Although, you do get up on your hands and knees occasionally. The day before we left for New Zealand, Kason, you rolled from your back to your tummy for the first time, and you have been doing it like a pro ever since. Cohen, you started rolling into your tummy on the day before we left NZ! There was about a week when you would only occasionally do it, but now you roll all. the. time. We have put you in your own cots now, as Kason was squirming around and waking you up, Cohen. And now that you are both rolling, you seem to both prefer to sleep on your tummies.

Your daytime sleeping has greatly improved, too. You are now having two naps during the day, usually for an hour at a time, although yesterday you slept for 1½ hours in the morning (and I had to wake you both up!) and then another hour in the afternoon! That has happened a couple of times now. I think it’s because you both moving so much more, and using up more energy.

Today was Australia Day, so Daddy had the day off work. We spent it at Brighton beach with Catherine and Caleb. You both had a blast! We have inflatable tug boats for you, and you both were just chilling out in those in the ocean for probably close to 45-60 minutes! The water was so warm, and you were having so much fun.

It has been an amazing few months, and it is incredible how much you are both changing before our eyes. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I love you so much more every single day. You put the colour into my days.

Love always,


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