Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feeling Stupid

I took the boys to the mall after their lunchtime feed today with the plan of giving them their lunch there, then doing some grocery shopping and posting something to my sister-in-law for my soon-to-be-born niece. I loaded the boys into the car, drove to the mall, found a shaded carpark - not easy! - got the boys into The Hummer (aka: the stroller) and walked in. Then I clicked that I hadn't put my wallet into the baby bag. I pulled the bag out to check it wasn't in there. It wasn't. Decided to go to the foodcourt to give K&C their lunch anyways - don't need money for that. Got there to discover a total of zero available highchairs. I gave up and took them back to the car, put them back into the carseats, which they were rather unimpressed by, to say the least, drove back home. I came inside to discover my wallet was not on the bench where it usually is. Then I remembered. I put it in the pocket on The Hummer yesterday when I took Kason & Cohen for their walk. Double-checked, and yup, there it was. I had it with me all along.
Feeling stupid much? Yup.

Will attempt it again tomorrow, and we'll be heading to the dairy across the road to get milk after they wake from their nap!


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