Thursday, January 20, 2011

Falls, Temperatures & Sunnies

Day 68
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Two nights ago, I slipped over while holding Kason. That has been one of my biggest fears since they were born. I had already taken Cohen to the bathroom for their bath, and I was taking Kason though. There was some water on the floor - no idea what from - and I slipped over in it and fell forward. Somehow I managed to hold Kason away from me so I didn't fall on him, and he barely even noticed what had happened (thankfully!)! I skinned my knee and have a mega bruise just above my knee.

Yesterday I had every intention of blogging. Then around 4pm, Kason got a temperature and was suddenly very clingy and grizzly. That, in itself, was ok - I gave him panadol for his temperature (but it took a while to kick in), and I will NEVER complain about giving him, or Cohen, cuddles - but Cohen was so concerned about him, he wanted to be close to him to make sure he was ok, and Kase just wanted Mummy, and Mummy only. So Cohen was crying when I wasn't holding him, and Kason was crying when I was holding Cohen. After about 1.5 hours, I realised it was going to be a L.O.N.G. night should they I called Simon at work and got him to come home. Thankfully he was able to get someone else to take his lessons for him and he was home within the hour. Of course, though, after he got home, both boys were almost back to their normal selves, Cohen more so than Kason. It was good to have him home though, who knows what it would have been like without him there.

The sunnies part of the post? We bought Kason & Cohen a pair of Baby Banz each when we were back in NZ, and this is the first time they have both sported them at the same time! Kase was feeling much better today, no temp and back to being the happy, chilled out dude we all know and love, so, as it was such a hot day (about 36C, I believe), I set up their paddling pool in their shade tent, and they spent about 10mins splashing about in there together - they had a blast! We love summer!


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