Thursday, January 13, 2011


Day 61
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I cracked out my sax today, thinking the boys might like the sounds...apparently not! Kason was ok with it, although it gave him a fright at the start, but Cohen...not so much - he flipped out! He would drop his bottom lip, wait a few seconds and then start to bawl!!! Needless to say, the sax got put away fairly quickly! Hopefully he will grow to like it a bit more...or at least not be scared of it.

I have a few plans in the works at the moment. Nothing big really, just a knitting project which I've started (only just, but at least it's started!), I want to get six more rag quilts sewn, and we are changing up our spare room. For most of last year, we had it just with my dressing table and the air mattress as we had guests for a lot of the second half of the year. After each person left, there wasn't much point in deflating it and putting it away as there would be someone else coming in a few weeks. Anyways, our plans at that moment are to make it more into a computer room/playroom, but so that there is still room to fit the air mattress in when it's needed. We might get a sofa bed to have in there...haven't decided on that one yet. We're hoping to get it done by the end of January but we'll see!


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