Monday, January 17, 2011

So much can change in 3 weeks!

I feel like I've been dropping the ball a bit on blogging, and just posting my picture of the day...lazy anyone?!

Anyways, I didn't post at all during our 3 week holiday in New Zealand, so here goes:

We had an AWESOME time!!! It was SO nice to have more adults than babies, and my Mum was fantastic and hardly let anyone else even change a nappy! We didn't really *do* a lot, although we did manage a trip to the beach (a 1.5 hour drive away), half a day at two different zoos, two overnight trips to Auckland (we were staying in Hamilton), a visit to the Hamilton Gardens and Parana Park. It was so cool being able to introduce Kason & Cohen to a lot of our friends and family and everyone was so excited to see them.

While we were there, the boys started to, fairly reliably, sleep through the night. It's such a great thing, and it's easier to deal with whatever they might throw my way during the day when I'm not so I just need to learn to go to bed before 11:30pm!

They also started eating three meals a day, and they are l.o.v.i.n.g. it - Kason especially. Although Cohen isn't too far behind K on the eating front, but his favourite thing in the world is yoghurt. He would, quite happily, eat only yoghurt if he could. Doesn't matter what flavour it is, as long as it's yoghurt, he'll eat it! Kason doesn't really seem to have a favourite, but he super enjoys banana and apple & pear.

Two other, BIG, things are: they both started sitting up by themselves without falling over...and...they both got their two front (bottom) teeth! Cohen had one day when he was grizzly and then had an hour of crying (very unusual) before bedtime, he then slept all night and the next morning he had two teeth! Kason was fine and he woke up with one tooth. A couple of days later, he had a night when he would only sleep if he was being cuddled - he flat out refused to be put in his cot - he had his second tooth by morning :-)
My parents have a swimming pool, and both the boys loved swimming! Santa brought them an early present each - a swim ring - so we, of course, had to test them out!

One day, my Mum and I went out for lunch, leaving Simon and my Dad at home with Cohen and Kason. We came home an hour or so later to Dad hammering away in the shed...he had decided that the boys needed a trolley! It didn't take him long to build, and I was surprised at how much fun K&C had being pulled around the lawn in it. Cohen even went around the block in it with Nana & Grumps and Fonzie (the dog) when Simon and I took Kason out on his own.

A day or two before we left for NZ, Kason started rolling onto his tummy from his back and it didn't take him long to master that skill! Luckily Mum & Dad had two cots because Kase was squirming around so much at night that he would wake Cohen up, who would then wake Kase up! Cohen rolled onto his tummy for the first time the day before we left NZ. He doesn't do it anywhere near as often as Kason does though, he is quite happy to get to where he wants to be by commando crawling.

The flights themselves were FAN-TASTIC!!! The only time either of them cried was when we arrived back in Adelaide, waiting in the Customs queue. Kason cracked it!!! Simon had the luggage trolley which was packed so high with four suitcases, laptop, two baby bags and two carseats that he couldn't see where he was going, and I had the boys in their umbrella strollers, which I had put the connectors on. I had to take Kase out to calm him down somewhat, and trying to steer two umbrella strollers with one hand while holding a rather upset 7-month old wasn't the easiest thing in the world. Thankfully there was a lovely couple behind us and the lady offered to push the strollers, containing Cohen!, for us until we got to the front of the queue, where we were ushered down the fastest Customs queue - we only had to walk past the detector dog - no x-raying of our mountain of bags. The flight arrived in early and I was worried that our pre-booked shuttle wouldn't be there, but he was :-) I think we were back home before the flight was originally due in!

We had a great time, but it's good to be back home and back in our routine now. Mum has already booked her flight over for Cohen & Kason's first birthday in May!


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