Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Little Bit Of Lots

After yesterday's post about Cohen refusing to eat anything other than yoghurt, he decided today to prove me wrong! Today he ate: porridge, mixed berry & pear, yoghurt, chicken & apricot, banana, apple & mango, potato, carrot & pumpkin, banana AND a little more yoghurt! All without a grizzle, he was happy as - I was VERY impressed with him :-)

We had a playdate with a little boy who was in the neonatal unit with us. Little G was born eight weeks early and is doing so awesome! We haven't seen them since the end of last year, so it was great to catch up with them. We've been meaning to do it for a while, but things kept popping up.

I went to take my photo of the day this afternoon, and the batteries in both of my cameras died! I managed to snap a few shots, but whether or not any of them were decent...well I'll have to wait until they are charged and I can upload the pictures to find out!

I have a ridiculously sweet tooth. Currently I am really wanting a chocolate mug cake with vanilla ice cream. I have no ice cream. This is a problem to which I have no solution to tonight!

Next week, we have four first-birthday parties to attend in six days - including two on the same starting 30mins after the other. One is for a set of twins. Add to that three family birthdays, and it all equals lots of presents to buy! I've decided that I will make a Mr. Version 2.0 for each of the one-year olds, and buy something to go with. I figure that Kason and Cohen have both been invited to each party, therefore they will each give a present. I guess it's part of my mission to make sure people recognise them as separate people.

My Mum is going to the Gold Coast on Saturday to meet my new niece and visit my brothers/sisters-in-law and nephew. I'm jealous and I wish I was going up there too! I so desperately want to meet Miss S and see everyone. I am also holding out a sliver of hope that my Mum is going to surprise us and turn up here...highly, highly unlikely cause she is coming to visit us in May, but I'm ever the optimistic!

I just wrapped one of my birthday presents! I'm super excited about it - a new bikini :-) It is possible that I may have a slight addiction to swimsuits...when we were in Thailand for our honeymoon, I don't think I wore the same swimsuit more than once. We were there for two weeks. Unfortunately, several of my favourites have embellishments (sp?) on them which Cohen and Kason would find irresistable...I don't think I want to chance them pulling my top off/up/down. I'll just have to wait until they are a bit older before I can wear them again, and hope I still fit them then!

Kason and Cohen are going to occasional care on Friday. I'm really nervous about it. They have never stayed without me with anyone except Simon, my Mum and my Dad. I'm worried about how they will cope. At least they will have each other, and it's only for 2.5hours.

I'm tired and really should go to bed, but I still have dishes to do. I hate it when there are dirty dishes on the bench in the mornings.

I think that Kason is going to be a climber. He can't stand by himself (although he is certainly getting more confident - several times today he let go of one hand when he was standing up and holding onto something), but he tries to climb up, and onto, things. He tries to scale the kitchen drawers, he tries to climb onto the coffee table shelf, and he tries to climb up on the box I keep their nappies in. Oh, and he also tries to climb into his and Cohen's tub of toys, but that's probably so he can get to more toys!

The napkins we ordered for the boys' birthday party arrived yesterday - they are awesome! I'm still waiting on the fabric and the cookie cutters...maybe tomorrow they will arrive.

I think that's about all!


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