Sunday, March 20, 2011

Busy Boys

Day 127
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This weekend, Cohen and Kason had three birthday parties to attend - two on Saturday, and one today. Yesterday, the weather was absolutely perfect - beautifully sunny but not too hot. Today, however, was a different story...the party wasa supposed to be at a park across the road from the birthday boy's house (luckily!), but was changed at the last minute to be at his house. It was horrible weather!

We really did have an awesome weekend, the boys were amazing, especially as they didn't really get their usual naps - just in the car, in between/on the way to/one the way from parties.

Tonight, though, Si was giving the boys their dinner and they were getting a special treat of custard (from a little can). Cohen reached out, as he always does, and grabbed the can and cut his finger!!! It just broke my heart. I really don't know how I would cope if either he or Kason ever break a bone or get an injury worse than a cut finger (it wasn't bad at all, just a surface cut...but I was convinced he had almost sliced the top of his finger off until Simon showed me it wasn't actually as bad as I thought)! He is in bed now, with a little plaster on his finger and a mitten on his hand to stop him getting the plaster off and choking on it. It doesn't seem to bother him at all, poor little monkey :-(


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