Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trolley Love

The boys went to occasional care this morning. I came home and had a nap! It was so nice knowing that I wasn't going to be woken up the minute I fell asleep. According to the teachers, both Kason and Cohen had a great time! Cohen was napping in The Hummer outside (the bigger kids were playing in the sandpit in front of him) and Kason was with one of the teachers. Apparently neither of them had shed a tear the entire morning, and the teachers were very impressed with their pulling up and walking (while holding their hands) around the place. We got home and Kase started proper clapping, so I think they must have been applauding his walking lots :-)

I ordered this:

today. It's for Kason and Cohen's birthday, and I am SO excited about it! They loved riding in the little trolley my Dad built for them in NZ, so I'm thinking they will love this too :-) I figure they will be able to use it for years, and I can't wait to see them pulling each other around in it! I think I just have two more presents to get tomorrow or Friday and I'm all sorted...and their birthday is still eight weeks away! Which means my Mum is here in seven weeks! EXCITED!!!


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