Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Little Things That Make Me Stupid Excited!

This month I've decided to join in with Megan's LTTMMSE over at Twinsomnia! I'm a day late, but I'm gonna pull the, "I've got twins, therefore no time" excuse on this one ;-)

Anyways, I have five things that are currently making me stupid excited. In no particular order, I present to you, My Five Little Things That Make Me Stupid Excited:

Oh. My. God. I am so completely in love with this icecream. It is DE. VINE! All the dark belgian chocolate, the chocolate fudgey sauce, the chunks of white and dark chocolate and chocolate brownie in the creamy chocolate icecream. I am seriously addicted.  Admission: I sometimes (read: often) have two of these in a day! The only downside is that that are smaller than the usual Magnums. They are pretty pricey, at an average of $4.50 each, but if you're smart, you can get a three-pack at the supermarket for between $5.00 and $7.95!


Robot cookie cutters!!!!!!!!!!!! When we were Christmas shopping last year, we came acrosss the coolest Robot birthday party invitations - I HAD to buy them! I have spent the last couple of weeks on the look out for robot-themed stuff for Cohen and Kason's first birthday party (less than three months ago now...eeek!). For the record, it's been WAY more difficult than I imagined it would be. All I can say is, thank you ebay-inventor dude/dudette! ANYWAYS, I found these cute guys on can't wait for them to arrive so I can test them out - watch this space.


I am so glad that we live less than a ten-minute drive from McLaren Vale, one of the two main wine regions in South Australia. Oliver's Taranga is one of my favourites - absolutely beautiful buildings and surroundings, and, best of all, THE best moscato around!!! I absolutely adore their moscato...thinking I might need to make a trip there this weekend because of - see my LTTMMSE #5.

Loving this super cute Dr Seuss fabric from Robert Kaufman I'm not sure what I'd make with it, but I just love it! Dr Seuss is O for Awesome!

I'm thinking a drive to McLaren Vale is in order this weekend because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY NEXT WEEK!!! I'm stupid excited about it! I've given Si the hard word that he is absolutely NOT allowed to forget like he did last year...!

Ooooh, this was fun :-) Looking forward to joining in again next month.


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  1. That Magnum thingy looks sooooooooooo freaking good!!!!!! I've never seen those- is it only an Austrailian thing? (please say no b/c I totally want to find them here)

    And HAPPY early birthday!!! I hope you get to go to wine country - that sounds absolutely fabulous!!

    Thanks for joining in this month! :-)