Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rainbows, Butterflies and...Locusts?!

Day 122
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In the spirit of drawing my birthday out as long as possible, I baked these rainbow cupcakes for playgroup this morning. They went down a treat :-)

It was a long weekend here in South Australia this weekend just gone, which was good, although Si was working on Saturday. Saturday night though, some of the mums from Tuesday playgroup met up for a DVD night. It was SO fantastic to get out of the house without the boys and just catch up. We didn't even get around to watching the DVDs!! We all took the opportunity to dress up a little, and, I have to say, I really appreciated actually being able to JUST take my handbag and not a baby bag, stroller and two babies!

On Monday, which was Cup Day, Cohen and Kason had a first birthday party to attend for one of their friends we know from Neonatal playgroup. The weather was perfect for it - barely a cloud in the sky, but not too hot :-) The boys are so lucky to have so many awesome friends, and I just love being able to watch all these little people grow and change and learn, it really is amazing!

When we were leaving playgroup this morning, a little white butterfly flew out in front of Kason (I'd already put Cohen in the car), he loved it, watched it fly around and just smiled at it - it was so gorgeous :-)
Not so gorgeous was the locust that decided to come inside our house tonight. Ewww!! Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. Yuck! I really don't like those kinds of insects - crickets and cicadas are THE WORST. The way crickets just jump and hop is just creepy. And cicadas just stick. Ok, typing that is making me think about them, and, ewww, feeling a little sick right now.

On that note...!


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