Friday, March 11, 2011

Dear Mother Nature,

Day 118
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What is going on with you lately?! Today in Adelaide, it has been a beautiful day - the sun was out and shining, beautifully warm. But at about the time that I took this picture of my two gorgeous boys playing outside in the grass tonight, you shook the earth once again. This time near Japan. And you caused a massive tsunami. The pictures that have been coming out of Japan are devastating. Utterly devastating. I've had to change the channel. I can't watch it, especially after the awful chaos you caused in Christchurch, a city so dear to me, so recently.

Someone must have pissed you off something chronic, either that or you're PMSing. You are one scary woman right now, that's for sure. You know, I remember studying tsunamis in primary school. I never, ever thought there would be one in my lifetime. Then there was the massive 'Boxing Day Tsunami' several years back. Now this one in Japan. It's just surreal. So incredibly surreal seeing these pictures of that huge wall of water just demolishing EVERYTHING in it's path. My heart just breaks for everyone who has been, and will be, affected by this.

Thank goodness I've just heard that my friends over there are safe. The company I used to work for in NZ constantly has several teams based in Japan. They work on the ports. I just hope that they are all ok.

What is the world coming to? I can only hope that with all of these natural disasters you are causing at the moment, my boys won't have to experience anymore during the rest of their (hopefully) very long lives. I want them to know only the kind and gentle version of you, Mother Nature. Please can you stop now? The earth needs a break, preferably a really, really long break. As in, a few thousand years would be good.


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