Friday, February 18, 2011

Miss S Is Here!

Day 97
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SO stoked!!! My little brother's partner gave birth to their daughter this afternoon, so I have a brand new niece! It's so crazy to think that my brother called me to tell me Rach was pregnant when I was sitting in the boys' room in the hospital, listening to the doctors doing their rounds. I was waiting for a call from one of my other brothers (I have three of them - I'm the only girl!) to tell me what flavour their baby-to-be was (boy!), and Josh calls instead! I think at that point they had only been together for three months max. That day, Kason and Cohen were positively tiny and about ten days away from coming home. Today they are wrestling with each other, weighing close to 8.5kg each and doing everything an almost nine-month-old baby should be doing.
Miss S is just gorgeous and weighs in at 7lb 12oz - almost twice Kason's weight at birth! And she has LOTS of dark hair, apparently it's about 5cm long - most of Cohen's hair is about 0.5cm long!

In other news, my new bread maker was christened today and I got another batch of choc chip muffins made - our house smelled beautiful this afternoon :-)

Fridays are always good, we have Daddy home for the majority of the day, and the Littles and I have neonates playgroup every fortnight. We have known most of the other babies that attend since they were tiny, so it's great to see all these premature babies grow and change every couple of weeks. It's also nice to be able to talk to other mum's whose babies might not be doing the things at the 'right' age, and who know what it's like to have a baby, or babies, in the NICU. I've been thinking tonight how incredibly lucky Rach is to be able to have Miss S sleeping in the crib next to her at the hospital tonight, to be able to cuddle her, to not have her covered in tubes and drips and monitors. Christ, she's lucky she got to meet her on her the same day Miss S was born! I imagine the three of them are having an amazing night, their first as their own little family <3


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