Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Day 106
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In our house, it's a tradition to have pancakes for breakfast on Sunday mornings. We have missed it twice - both times when Simon was working on a Sunday and had to leave home early. Even when Kason and Cohen were still in hospital, we would get up early, and make our pancakes before heading in to spend the day with them.
I recently found a recipe for pancakes which didn't have sugar in them, more crepes really. So...on Sunday morning I made two batches of pancakes - one for Si & I, and one for Cohen & Kason. Kason wasn't too fussed on actually eating his, although he played with it for quite a while. Cohen, on the other hand, LOVED his! He actually ate a pretty decent amount considering neither of the boys is eating a whole lot of solid solid food. They still are mainly eating mash (progressed from puree a while ago), but at least once a day I'll give them something like a sandwich, a piece of toast/french toast, steamed carrot (and now pancakes!) etc.

Oh! Sunday is our swimming lesson day, too. We got to the pools on time, and I was pretty surprised with the lack of cars in the carpark. It's usually really full, but not so much...we get out of the car, only to be told that someone had screwed up with the chlorine levels and they were not able to legally open. AWESOME. Someone would have gotten their arse kicked for that one! Sucky thing #2 about that, we take the boys all ready in their swimming gear and swim nappies so we don't have to change them there. They fell asleep on the way back home, and then we had to wake them up to put proper nappies on them! Funtimes!


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