Monday, March 28, 2011

10 Months Old!

Dear Kason and Cohen,

You are 10 months old!!! We have had a busy month with five 1st birthday parties, neonates playgroup, Tuesday playgroup and our Mums n Bubs group. Unfortunately you have both been a little sick this past week, just snotty noses and coughs, but it hasn't stopped either of you getting into EVERYTHING!

Both of you are really on the move now - crawling all over the show and pulling up on anything and anyone...including each other. You both LOVE books, and no matter where in the living room you are, if I start reading a book to you, you will both zoom over to me to look at the pictures...then you will try to grab the book and turn the pages and munch on the pages (we are only reading board books at the moment - you rip the pages of paper books!). We don't watch a lot of TV, but do turn it on for Giggle and Hoot - you both just adore that show and as soon as you hear the theme song, you will stop what you're doing and turn to look at the TV. As soon as one of the shows start, you are off again, playing with whatever, until Hoot and Jimmy Giggle come back on, when you turn your attention back to them!

Kason, you are CHEEKY!!! You know exactly what you are not supposed to play with (the front blinds!), but whenever you get the chance, you will turbo down the hallway, stop halfway, turn around, squeal and giggle to make sure I know what you are doing, then turbo off again until you get to the front door. You really do suit your nickname of 'Turbo'.
You like things that roll - balls, cubes, rings, anything really - you hit them along the floor and chase after them. It's so cute and certainly keeps you occupied :-) It also means we find your toys hidden all over the show, and just the other day you got stuck between the back of the couch and the window because you chased a ball, and couldn't get out!
A new trick you are learning at the moment is how to clap! You have one hand flat, but curl your fingers on your other hand, but you've got the action down, we just need to get you to open that other hand up and you'll be sorted. You are pretty sure you've got it right though - you laugh everytime!
Your sleep has gone a bit backwards in the last six weeks or started waking once or twice a night again, when you had been sleeping right through since January. I've started giving you and your brother a dream feed before I go to bed again, which is taking you through to about 5am, and then you will often sleep until 7 or even 8am which is nice, especially for Daddy because he gets up with you and Cohen in the mornings.
Paula weighed you on the 17th March, and you weighed: 8700g - you're getting big! You like your food and you are usually quite happy to try new long as you have something to play with!
You have a tendency to bite when you get excited, and I will often have tiny little bruises up my arms - you bite HARD. I'm not sure how to get you to stop, and I really don't want you to be one of those kids who bites anyone who doesn't do, or give you, what you want.


Cohen, you are super talkative! You will talk to anyone and anything! You will talk to balls, to soft toys, to boxes, to the air, to Mummy, to Daddy, to Kason - you just love to talk. And squeal. And giggle (you have the. most. adorable giggle!). You talk yourself to sleep during the day (when you actually sleep, that is!), and you crawl around saying, "mama, mum, mum, mum, umma, mama", and, "dada, dad, dad, dad, dad, dada", and a few times you pull out, "bubba", usually when Kason is nearby...I'm sure you're saying 'brother'! I can pretend anyways!
You will often follow Kason when he goes off on his missions to the front blinds, but sometimes you will lead the charge. You will usually be the first one to venture into your room, Kason usually follows you in there. You like to climb up onto the bulk box of wipes I keep in there. In fact, you like to climb on lots of things! You try to climb into your toy box, on top of the box of bibs, the box of nappies. You try to climb up your push-along walker, and you have been known to climb onto the shelf under the coffee table!
A couple of weeks ago you mastered the skill of waving!!! You will often just be sitting on the floor, minding your own business, chatting away and waving to yourself, or anyone else you can spy...including Giggle and Hoot on the TV. You haven't quite got the theory of waving hello or goodbye, but that's totally fine! When Paula was here on the 17th, she had the video camera and you just waved at her/the camera the entire time! It was so cute!
Speaking of Paula's visit, she weighed weighed: 8930g! Some days you like your food, some days you don't. It gets a bit frustrating for me when there is something which I know you like, that you just flat-out refuse to eat. But obviously you are eating enough - you are putting on lots of weight still!

Kason and Cohen

We started putting you both into Occasional Care this month. You only go once a week at most for three hours, just so I can have a break really. The first week, Cohen, you were a bit upset when you realised me and Daddy had left, but you calmed down fairly quickly and you were both happy after that. When we came back to pick you up, I picked you up, Kason, and Daddy picked you up, Cohen. Cohen, you leaned over and pulled at Kason and his top - you wanted cuddles with Mummy! You both flashed your trademark grins at Angela and Judy, so I know you both had a good time while you were there :-) The second time you went, you both did great and had lots of fun. I think it will be good for you both to get a chance to socialise with other kids a bit more, and to learn that while I may leave you, I will ALWAYS come back.

You are really aware of each other now, playing with each other, talking to each other (this consists of A LOT of squealing!) and chasing each other. It really is so awesome to watch the bond between you growing stronger, while your individual personalities are becoming more evident. You two really are the most amazing and incredible little people, and I love that I get to spend my days with you. I adore watching you learn and figure things out. You both amaze me every day, and there hasn't been a day when you haven't made me laugh and smile - no matter how rough the day may be.

I can't believe that your Daddy and I are planning your first birthday party already...!

Love you both in a circle, forever and always,

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