Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snot, Superglue & Fights

Day 129
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Yesterday and today we have been stuck at home. Inside. Both of the boys have snotty noses, so we didn't go to playgroup this morning cause, while my boys LOVE to share, I didn't think the babies would appreciate it. This morning, and much of yesterday, Kase and Cohen uber hypo - squealing, crawling at turbo speed all over the show, climbing up on me, climbing down, climbing up again, and climbing down again...made me wonder what they are going to be like aged two! My sister-in-law posted a status on facebook this morning saying that her son (5 months now!) has just discovered how to blow raspberries. This afternoon, I got a video of the boys in their room, Kason banging on their toy chest, Cohen chewing on his gumboot, both squealing at each other (they 'call' to each other in squeals - one will squeal, the other will squeal back - this can go on for a good 5 mins!). They both then stopped what they were doing and headed for the box of wipes together.

The weather here has been shite, too, so we haven't been able to get out for our walks. The rest of the week only looks to get worse, weather-wise, too. It really looks like we're going to be stuck inside at home until Friday morning, when the boys are booked in for Occasional Care, as long as they are all better. I'm pretty sure they will be though, they are already much better.

Oh! Simon took Cohen to the doctors yesterday morning for his cut finger because it started bleeding again when he took the plaster off. Doc fixed it up...with superglue!!! Seriously! Who knew?! Apparently that's all they use in the hospitals, but they call it "hospital glue" and charge whatever they like for it!

Today's photos is of Cohen, asleep on the floor (duh! As if that wasn't obvious!). The boys usually go down for a nap around 3pm, and when they wake I feed them. Today, Cohen woke after 30mins, so I fed him and he fell asleep in my arms (love!) on the couch. Kason woke about 30mins after that, so I put Cohen on the floor, fully expecting him to wake up as he's done before, while I went and got Kason up and fed him. Cohen just kept right on sleeping, right up until Kason went and sat beside and tried to hold his hand.

They really are becoming so much more aware of each other, it's so awesome to watch their bond developing. They actually fought over a toy today - Kase had it, then Cohen snatched it off him, Kase snatched it back, and so forth, until there were tears and I took it off them.


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