Monday, May 2, 2011

Party Time!

Day 169
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Today was crazy busy!!! Although, I have to say, this new routine the boys are on is making mornings MUCH easier, and we are out the door with a whole lot less stress. We started the day with our usual Sunday morning pancakes, then we were off to swimming, home for a nap (for the boys!), lunch, and then we were off to a first birthday party!
The party was for one of Cohen and Kason's little friends whom we met in the Neonatal unit. He was born at 32 weeks, and he is doing so well now - it's awesome! While there, we also caught up with another set of twin boys (born at 26 weeks) with whom Kase & Cohen shared a room with in Neonates for a week or so. We haven't seen them since then as they transferred to another hospital. They, too, are doing really well now, which was fantastic to see! We actually first met these two boys before Kason and Cohen were even born - our twins antenatal class teacher took us on a tour of the Neonatal unit during one of our classes, and our group was talking to the nurse who was looking after J&L, so we met them then. So to go from seeing them then, with CPAP machines, drips in their arms, oxygen monitors, and a whole array of other wires and tubes on their tiny bodies, to seeing them when they were sharing a room with K&C, when they only had their NG tubes and were in open-top cribs, and then to now when they were both crawling around the place, pulling up on things and getting into was just fantastic :-)


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