Thursday, May 12, 2011

One Small Step for Boy...

Day 180
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Yesterday, Cohen took his very first unaided step!!! Just one little one, but it was a step (and I have witnesses!)! And he did it again this morning!
His standing his improved so much too, even in just the last two days. This evening before bed, he stood for over a minute before he slowly sat himself down.

Oh, and check out his forehead...he fell smack into the corner of the wall this morning. Right as I was in the middle of changing Kason's pooey nappy. Great timing, Son! Kason returned the favour this afternoon by throwing up on the floor (and then smooshing it around, cause that is awesome fun, apparently) when I was in the middle of changing Cohen's pooey nappy! Which also happened to be just as we were trying to leave the house for a playdate!


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