Thursday, May 19, 2011

Excited much?!

Day 187
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Not long before 6pm every night, Kason and Cohen get Hyper. With a capital 'H'. They know that means it's almost bath-time, which, according to them, is the. best. time. of. day.!!! Add to that Mama leaving the gate open, and things can't get much better, as evidenced by Kason's uber excited face in today's picture! The squeals that accompanied it were fairly ear-piercing...Cohen was just as excited!

And *I* am uber excited because tomorrow, my Mum arrives!!! She arrives just after 10am though, so we'll be missing out on Neonates playgroup which is a bit sucky, but we'll be there next time.

It's SO hard to believe that it is only ONE week until Cohen and Kason's first birthday!!! We are so looking forward to that, too. As an added bonus, Simon has the Thursday and Friday off - he worked at the wedding expo several months ago, and has been saving his Time Owed In Lieu for this, and he told me this morning that his boss gave him the Saturday off as a paid holiday, too!!! Which will be great - he can entertain Cohen & Kason while Mum and I bake two birthday cakes for the big party on Sunday!



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