Thursday, May 12, 2011

Twins (Play)Group

Day 179
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We were hardly home at all today! Well, the boys weren't. They had Occasional Care this morning (and apparently they just wanted to be held the whole time - I think the break over the holidays was a bit much for them), then home, then we headed out to Twins Group. I haven't quite figured out the Twins Group yet...we have been going since about October/November last year, and it's held once a month. Several of the women there have older twins (I think they're about 15!), and there are five of us with littler ones - four-year-old twins, then K&C. The youngest two are about 6 months, so there are quite a few of us with twins around the same age.
It's part of the South Australian Multiple Birth Association, and is called "Two Plus & Us Playgroup". And here is where it gets strange...the ladies that run it are ADAMENT that we have to have a creche for the littles to be in while we catch up. I get the theory behind it, a break from them can be nice. But just having other sets of eyes around is as good as a break, and I would much rather prefer to watch the kids interacting. I love seeing my boys playing with other kids! I'm not alone either, I know that at least three of the other Mums agree with me. It kinds pisses me off that the older Mums haven't even asked us what we want - their kids are all at school so it doesn't even apply to them. To be honest, I don't even really know why I go most months...I guess it's because it's nice to talk to people who know exactly the challenges that come with twins. And, every month we have gone, I haven't put K&C in the creche, I just take them with me.

...I'd feel like I was stepping on toes if I started my own twins group.


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