Monday, May 2, 2011


Day 170
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After the busyness of yesterday, it was quite nice to have a chilled out day at home. Kason and Cohen were both in such good moods today, although their naps were a bit off...Cohen only slept for half an hour this morning, and woke Kase up. They will usually sleep for an hour. Then this afternoon, the same thing happened. They had a feed after they woke up this arvo though, and they both fell asleep again for another hour, so in the end they got their 2.5 hours :-) Here's hoping they sleep well tonight!

They both did quite a bit of standing on their own today, and Kason even stood himself up for the first time!!! I think they are getting much more confident with it now...I wonder if they will be walking a little bit by their birthday in a few weeks time?

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