Monday, May 23, 2011

Out & About

Day 190
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The weather was HORRIBLE today!!! We had planned several weeks ago to go to the Lollipop markets in West Beach today, and thankfully it was indoors! It was cold, wet and windy - the temperature didn't even get to 16C! The markets were good, packed though, SO many people, and strollers there. It was a bit of mission to navigate the double stroller around. There were a few cool things there, got a couple of things for the boys' birthday :-) There were a couple of ridiculously overpriced things - in particular was a stall that sold names/letters on canvas. Before Cohen and Kason were born, I made some for their room. They have one letter on each canvas square. This stall had the same, and they were charging $50 (!!!) per square!!! I think I made a whole set (5 letters/squares) for less than that! RIDICULOUS!

After the markets we headed to Harbourtown for lunch, and that's about as long as we were there for - just lunch! As I said, the weather was atrocious, and Harbourtown isn't enclosed so there was no way we were hanging around to get cold and wet.


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