Monday, May 23, 2011

A Little Wary

Day 191
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The weather has been awful again today! I really think it should only rain at night. Not every night, of course, but rain only at night would be SO much more convenient! Not least of all, it would mean being able to get my washing dry more easily. And actually being able to do the outside things we plan.

So yeah, due to the rain, we have just been hanging out at home today. It's nice to have a spare set of hands to help out (my Mum is here!), and the boys are loving it. Although, they are still a bit unsure of Nana, particularly when they first wake up. And when they are getting tired they just want cuddles with Mama. Strangely, it has been Kason who has been more wary of her. Mum sat in the back seat on the way home from the airport on Friday (so, between Kason and Cohen's carseats), and they both just stared at her for about 30mins, then 10mins out from home, Kason just cracked it - he bawled for the trip home, and as soon as we stopped the car, he just wanted Mama. At swimming on Saturday morning, he was with Nana (so Daddy could take photos), and at the 'Humpty Dumpty' game (the kids are on the edge of the pool and jump in when Humpty Dumpty falls), he cracked it again. He was fine though, once he was with me. And Nana has gotten lots of lovely cuddles from both boys, and Kase is definitely getting more comfortable with her being here.

Today's picture is of what I saw when I got up this morning (Nana was keeping the boys occupied until 7am) - Kason (L) and Cohen (R) making some mess in the kitchen!


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  1. How lovely to discover first thing in the morning :-)